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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Did You Know.....?

We have an online shop now! www.misch.ca!  Check us out - and let us know what you think. We could use your feedback!

Just while we figure all the new-ness out, new arrivals will only be available for purchase the old-fashioned way - through a person! Also for now, new arrivals will still be posted here (as this is how it's been done around here for quite a while)! We have a new arrivals email list - are you on it? If not, and you want to be, just let us know.

So all the things you see here, for the first week or two will just be in store (or by phone, email etc). We will be working out how things fit and all of that, to make sure we can still give good advice to any of you that would like our opinion!

Love to you all!

the misch girls

CO Pre-Spring Delivery!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

APIECE APART Pre-Spring 2018!

Ok kids, where are we going?! I'm ready to have warm feet again. And my skin needs some vitamin D. And (perhaps more importantly) these cute clothes just came in!!!  

I should probably say, since we are both here together, that these are the BEST pants! Super high waisted and really flattering. And comfortable! They run a bit slim but sizing up isn't the end of the world - unless like me you already wear the biggest size then it actually is the end of the world. World is over, goodbye. 

Yes, this is the same item... worn as a dress and as a skirt. COOL RIGHT?!?! Just don't eat spaghetti and red wine it, otherwise you can't wear it basically your entire vacation, which you will definitely want to do. White linen is such a divine fabric to wear in the heat - but keep yourself to say, the fish and a glass of white, or the vodka soda (gin and tonic will also do). These are the decisions you are making while you are wearing this. Life is beautiful for you! 

New Joseph Pre-Spring!

Cashmere FOREVER!!!! It feels like it when the shipment is as big as this certainly!! But the thing about Joseph's cashmere is this: these thin sweaters are EVERYTHING!! They work in so many different climates - and are particularly handy when its cold, then it's hot, then it's cold (or more like me perhaps? It's the internal temps that are running amok)!