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Monday, August 29, 2011

INHABIT - the Big Fall Shipment!

Here are but a few photos of what was an amazingly large delivery for us - and almost all of it in cashmere... tons of cardigans, a few pullovers, one really amazing asymmetrical wrap skirt, and some cotton/linen layering pieces!

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Anna de Courcy!

A new delivery from the very talented Vancouver-based jewellery designer Anna de Courcy. It's no secret that her particular brand of re-worked antique (1880-1910) gold and silver pieces strikes the perfect balance between done and undone.

In this latest delivery she is experimenting with a more bohemian feel in some 'gypsy' coin necklaces - in a variety of lengths. She has clustered multiple 'tattooed' antique coins onto each chain, which we love layered back to her big graduated chain: a masterpiece formed from segments of antique hallmarked sterling silver pocketwatch chains fused together - unlike anything you could find made of modern silver!

Anna's use of the antique rosegold heart padlocks and the sterling tassels is breathtaking, but infuriating as no two are alike! We also love them layered back to a few of the modern version of the silver graduated chain pictured here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Announcing: MAISON OLGA

Announcing a new line here at Misch is always exciting for us because we put so much thought into every single thing we carry. Maison Olga is a little gem we hope to keep a secret amongst our nearest and dearest - but there is no way this line is going to stay under the radar for too long. You would go crazy if you saw how adorable the two founders of the line are - une femme Francais, e una ragazza Italiana. And we think it's sort of perfect that it took those two to know exactly what we want to wear casually in a Fall/Winter season in Vancouver, Canada. The perfect cable knit, the perfect herringbone - it's incredible. And the price point for Made in Italy? Totally fair!

Oversize menswear styled herringbone coat with single toggle button closure? I LOVE YOU!!! So cute and cozy!!!

MOHAIR!!! Love the texture it brings to Fall outfits. Worn with my favourite Forte.Forte pants - gee it's weird how they go with everything, isn't it?

Hello cable knit, can we have a romantic getaway to Whistler for the weekend please? Nothing screams luxe cozy day gear like an Italian cable knit.

This are the cords that should have been in the R13 post, but weren't. Anyway, we love them back to this slim mohair v-neck sweater. It's all about mohair right now it seems like! Mohair is taking over the world.

Sweater dresses make everyone drool, and we all know it. Big and cozy, and it feels like you should be in your pyjamas, and by some miracle of nature you also look pulled together. With leggings and boots - you are covered for colder weather!

See our Facebook page for the amazing article from this month's US ELLE on lace - I am such a fan of texture dressing for Fall and lace is one of the best ways to do it. This tunic length sheer could go over leggings or under sweaters for pretty drop-dead layered lace effect.

I honestly can't believe a French/Italian company made these - don't you kind of feel like these are from a vintage postcard from somewhere in Canada with all these happy people playing in either A: a pile of orange leaves or B: snow? Whatever, oh my goodness I tried them on today and was giddy. So cute! I guess they would make a nice gift for someone else... but I might be feeling that it's more important for me to feel amazing while playing outdoors right now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

JOSEPH - English Tailoring Applied to a French Aesthetic

We have been so excited for the Joseph Fall collection ever since we wrote the order way back in February. As everyone knows, Joseph is a UK-based company; they started as a boutique in the 70's, expanded into their own ready-to-wear line, and then proceeded to rule our worlds. More recently, they have been taking a page from the French book - the creative director had been previously employed at Colette - and are using the styling talents of some of the French Vogue staff. Not surprising at all when you see this collection! It has a very polished bad-girl sort of thing that makes a lot of sense when you spend a bit of time in Paris. Nothing too try hard or obvious, something a bit messy, but you can tell the thought and quality is all there. And perfectly feminine, but never too proper. I really can't imagine anything more perfect.

The double face cashmere/wool blend coats are something we really love - enough fluidity to feel like a knit, but enough tailoring to feel like you will stay warm. A great material for travelling, and for a busy running around lifestyle.

I think this 70's a-line skirt is positively incredible - it has this dramatic slit up the front that I am loving with tights and these slouchy Sartore high heel boots. Such a strong look for this season!!

Nobody really understands that these are the most amazing pants on earth. They are from the Forte.Forte delivery the week before, but for some reason they are still here. They are the ultimate pant: cool, uncontrived, beautifully made, and damned comfortable. This is how we think the menswear coat looks really cool: back to really laid back pieces that highlight the high/low mix that makes the fashion world truly interesting right now.

The leather leggings - back to what we love: big sweaters! This colour-blocked mohair version is out of this world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

R13 jeans

R13 - you've either tried them and you're obsessed, or you have no idea what they are and you are missing out. Either way, you should probably come check them out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sartore - Moto Boot and Tall 70's Pull on Boots

Carven - 1st Fall 2011 Delivery!

I LOVE CARVEN'S FOOTWEAR!! They are so gorgeous and the quality is beautiful. I love this black suede 40's reference pump - a really lovely high heel, but the built-in platform makes it much easier to walk in.

This is the blue lace dress. THE blue lace dress. I mean, look at it! A dress that's amazing and has style to spare, and has a sleeve?!! We all know how rarely this happens in life. Whatever. Practical concerns aside, it's so beautiful it hurts.

Dear God, no wonder some chick dedicated an entire blog to Carven. I'm in love with every piece too. The perfect winter coat you ask? I couldn't tell you, I collect coats like kids collect bottlecaps, but this one would be a really, really excellent addition to the collection - probably would even be in the top 3 on the rotation chart. The gorgeous fabric, the sharp tailoring, the cute little French styling - this might even take home a coat Oscar at the end of the season.

Is it a blazer or is it a coat? Where some people would get confused by a category breaking garment such as this, I see an opportunity to span stereotypes and break through a force field of old assumptions and generalizations about what you can wear where.

We actually had to have an internal meeting about all the different looks that we could create with this jacket, and we fought long into the night. The winner was simply a default winner as this was the photo that we had. Carven can obviously be styled in a ladylike-with-a-youthful-French-twist such as it is above. The pencil skirt styled with it (also from this delivery) is one of the best fitted longer versions of this iconic look I have seen in all my years working in stores. And the shoes need no introduction. The other two looks on the roundtable discussion panel was leather leggings and a black tunic sweater, or a pair of R13 slouchy jeans and a tonal neutral Inhabit sweater. So many choices, one amazing innocent jacket that had no idea how much debate it had aroused.

This is a really unusual collectors item - here's why: from a cut perspective, this is a long vest with a bolero jacket over top. What that means for the wearer is that there is venting built into the cut: under the arm, and the pocket in the front too. I think this is one of the most unique coats I have ever seen, and would really enjoy this for travelling as well as during Vancouver's amazingly long transitional season.