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Friday, September 28, 2012



It's a dress, it's a trench - NO - it's the most interesting dress in the world! A navy/black wool combo colour palette, done with a double breasted front to look like a trench, but cutaway to reveal either your leg, or your leather leggings, or your fishnet tights. Either way, we all know we'll never see a dress quite like this again! 


SARTORE - we think they should be the most famous boot company in the world - but it is perhaps a blessing that they remain so exclusive. The SARTORE sisters are based in Paris, where they soak up the all the style and inspiration the best city in the world has to offer. They have footwear in their blood (I believe they are fourth generation?) and it is perhaps why no other company can produce the design and quality they can with the simplicity, humility and passion they can - and do - every season. Everything is manufactured by hand in Italy (each pair of boots takes 5 days), from vegetable-tanned leather - and it shows! They are beautiful, but more importantly, they are the most comfortable footwear we've ever had the privilege of owning.  Chances are you've seen these boots at Misch before: they our favourite classic riding boot (and wardrobe staple). But we've never before carried them in this colour of dark chocolate brown! It's hard to do justice to the amazing shade by photograph - we actually had to shoot it three times to even come close! Suffice it to say it's STUNNING. The zip-up back enables a closer fit through the ankle, and is a slim fit through the calf. 
This is a new style here at Misch - and it's all about a different functionality than the first style: this one has a larger circumference around the calf by one inch. We've often wondered why foot size was the only thing that a boot took into account - legs vary from woman to woman! A slightly different closure detail around the calf makes it not only more generous, but beautifully designed also.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 CROSBY - Profoundly Interesting Staples!

Right where my head is right now - simple pieces that I can wear all the time that are still really cool and a bit unusual. THANK YOU DEREK LAM.

Maison Olga - Stunning Knits by Way of Italy



Monday, September 24, 2012


Cashmere and cotton - this shorter bodied cardigan has this really interesting layer underneath... sort of like a vest - whatever it is - it's adorable!

 Textured striped turtleneck... it's simple but it's got so much interest - it's anything but basic! 
The crew neck version of the turtleneck - equally amazing, but slightly longer than the above... 


Nili Lotan knows exactly what we want to be wearing... casual, cool and totally perfect. 
A cotton cargo coat... it's a wardrobe staple - but a different version, a different silhouette - the low ties, the obvious luxury of the fabric - it's Nili Lotan. 

She's known for her cotton wovens - and I love the texture provided by the gingham - so nice underneath solids! 
CASHMERE!!! The best fabric on the planet perhaps? Love it in a fierce colour like this poppy red - bring it!

If you've been into Misch lately - you know we went crazy on green this season! Every kind of green available in every kind of garment... this gorgeous olive cashmere cardigan is really great worn back to charcoal grey. 

The picture doesn't even begin to do this coat justice - it's one of the nicest coats of all time. A rich forest green, and a face-framing collar - it's that anything-but-basic coat you'll never agree to give up!

FALKE - Amazing Hosiery Now at Misch!

It was a personal dilemma on two fronts: I hated waiting to go to Paris to buy Falke - and where on South Granville could I buy tights?!?! PROBLEM SOLVED. 

A lineup of the styles we received in this shipment:

FISHNETS: one of the greatest simple accessories in a woman's arsenal: they add some really great texture to a bare leg without venturing all the way into a patterned tight - plus they feel like absolutely nothing and are as sexy as hell. These are a finer fishnet (smaller holes), meaning that the effect is more subtle and more refined. All in the name of research, I road tested these out  - and the verdict? AMAZING. I loved them with the simple black number I was wearing - sexy and comfortable?! Done.  

LUNELLE 08: A stay-up tight is one of the surest ways to find yourself irresistibly attractive (it's a no-fail scenario with me anyway). These are a super fine sheer black, with the most incredible garter detail.  
PURE MATT 100: A fully opaque tight - one of the thickest on the market. Available in black and dark grey. 

PURE MATT 50: A 50 denier semi-opaque tight that can take you anywhere! It's actually not very sheer at all and is what most companies would call their regular opaque tight. And it's fabulous! Super comfortable and no control-top different coloured section at the hip, so it's perfect regardless of your hemline. Available in black and navy. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A New Line at Misch: LAURENCE DOLIGE

Can you believe this adorable fur collar? Not a part of the sweater... sold separately in fact! But perhaps the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!