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Friday, February 25, 2011

Cutler & Gross

We are so excited to be carrying Cutler & Gross frames for the first time!! They are absolutely STUNNING. They feel incredible on, and, for some reason, they are all shockingly flattering.

Delivery Week of Insanity Summary

Okay, here are some of our favourite looks, designers all mashed together!

This is the Forte.Forte cotton scarf with little circles on it, the Isabel Marant Etoile shrunken herringbone blazer, and Forte.Forte linen pants from Monday's delivery.

From today's delivery: the Isabel Marant linen tee that you can't live without, and the linen baseball pants that were on her runway in pink - but that are pretty darn versatile in black.

This is the Isabel Marant signature-shaped jacket in a heavy-duty black cotton with leather trim detail, and the INCREDIBLE leggings from this Rag & Bone delivery with the lace-up detail up the side. Also in black, because they are amazing enough to own two pairs.

This is a white silk blouse (that is actually longer in the back - useful for leggings) with lattice-work detail and the cargo pants, also from Tuesday's delivery.

This linen jacket has a waxy coating on it, probably helps with water resistance, but has a crazy beautiful texture - very unusual if you, like me, wear a lot of black but don't want it to always look the same.

This stunning printed skirt was on Isabel Marant's SS11 runway in purple, but every one of the three colours it came in was equally gorgeous - we went for the black. We love it styled back to black here to let it be the statement piece, but there are a gamut of ways to style it up. Light coloured Sartore boots, a white tank tucked in and an open denim shirt is how misch girls interpreted her runway look, so we obviously think it's fabulous!

Delivery Season

I remember when I was younger, when my little brother was quiet for any amount of time over 2 minutes, if we were smart enough to clue in, he was FOR SURE up to no good. He got into absolutely everything, particularly valuables and things that made a mess. He survived those years simply because he was completely adorable, and he still is so he still does, little bugger.

It reminds me ever so slightly of misch girls during delivery season: if we are quiet for a few days, it simply means that we are up to absolutely no good at all. This is true of this week anyway. It has been INSANE. Forte.Forte on Monday, Rag & Bone on Tuesday, Thakoon on Wednesday, and Isabel Marant today. Not only that, but we received our very first delivery EVER from Cutler & Gross. Sunglasses to kill for. And not one email has gone out! Bad, bad misch girls.

It's been a crazy party and if you happened to walk by you may have wondered why there were clothes flying, girls screaming, boxes, plastic, and paper everywhere! If you haven't been by this week, it's time to quit your job, leave the kids with someone, walk out on your lunch date, stand up your trainer/yoga (or whatever it is people are always doing in Lululemons) and get over here!

Friday, February 18, 2011


It's no secret around here that we think Sartore is the best manufacturer of boots EVER.

The classic riding boot that everyone needs, but with a bit of a twist this time: a distressed (washed) leather! A really great way to rock a riding boot in a softer way.

The same shape as the black suede one's that Lara and Alice wore all fall/winter, but in a nice light palette for Spring. Worn with dresses, shorts or pants, bare legs or tights, they are an incredibly versatile boot, despite being quite the statement piece!

These ankle boots, besides being the most comfortable heels you have ever met in your life, are a rather stunning colour in my opinion, worn perfectly back to any slim pant. The plunge detail at the back of the ankle: quite beautiful!

I just see myself, all summer long wearing this with bare legs and a cute little Isabel Marant dress! *love love love*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vanessa Bruno!! 3rd Amazing Spring Delivery!!

Vanessa, just hanging out doing what Vanessa does best: gorgeous, interesting, feminine things to wear!

Lightweight little printed babydoll chiffon top? Talk about the easiest thing to throw on as you run out the door to a little rendez-vous in the summertime. Shorts, flat sandals, big bag? Or tonight with black jeans to go dancing? Either way.

This gorgeous navy blue drop waist mini-dress, also perfect for warmer weather, we thought it was linen , but it's in ramie!

Nude silk top with lovely cut-out design detail in the front.

Beautiful ramie top and navy blue wrap skirt in silk.

The cousin of the top above in nude, but sleeveless and in an incredible vibrant cobalt blue!

Other gems from the Helmut Lang delivery

This jacket's new name is "Ya, I slept in it, so what?". And by that I mean that it is so incredibly comfortable: a jacket-sweater psuedo-hybrid. Double breasted, gorgeous shoulder pads, a drawstring, and in the perfect length. This white loose-weave tank and these wonderful crop pants are also from this great little delivery!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nili Lotan: 1st Spring 2011 delivery!

Our first Nili Lotan delivery for the season! For those who love the cut of her pants we received THREE pairs, all amazing. Absolutely perfect for that pant that's not a jean, not a sweat-pant, not a dress pant! Also in, two divine linen tank tops and one cardigan; always beautifully worn a little bit slouchy.

Washed black jeans featuring a front centre pintuck seam, and gorgeous wash!! The fit is pretty drop-dead, and we love it worn with one of the amazing stormy linen tank tops, also from this delivery.

Black light weight cotton trouser. A bit slouchy then tapering to skinny, while still making your bum a 10 out of 10. Is it so?? Have we found the forward man repeller pant that doesn't repel!!?? YESSSS!!! Worn here with the linen tank and linen cardigan also from this delivery. We carry only ever a few knits from this designer, and I always wish there were more because she does them very, very well.

A beautiful pair of linen blue-grey pants. I have to say all this linen is getting me quite excited!! These are sooo comfortable and unrolled have a unfinished hem with a tiny fray. Worn here with the Inhabit sweater from the delivery a few days prior.

Boy by Band of Outsiders 1st Spring Photos!!!

How naughty of us to have kept you in the dark about Boy by Band of Outsiders for so long!!! Please let us make it up to you, here are the much anticipated photos of the first delivery. I can only imagine you must be craving linen, sand and that sweet smell of summer like all of us Misch ladies are!

This lovely pinstriped piece was smartly named the Deconstructed Schoolboy blazer as it is really the shell of a blazer. Perfect for those really hot getaways or just a Vancouver patio lunch date.

This stunning linen Schoolboy blazer is already a summer favourite. The 3/4 sleeve, classic buttons and pockets have started a bit of a cult following among Boy lovers. Perfectly paired with this Isabel Marant dress, we love how it adds a little structure to a flirty piece.

Now at first this adorable print skirt was styled with a little slate coloured cardigan, yes ladies it was very precious, we wanted to pair it so badly with those Carven bow shoes. Then we thought "lets toughen this girl up!" The Anna DeCourcy choker and lace up booties really give this skirt a unexpected edge that we are loving. But for a day like this (rain, wind, more rain), I like it with tights and Sartore boots - making a very polished look.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Helmut Lang: 1st Spring delivery!

This was not a delivery composed entirely of red things, despite what the below photos may lead you to believe. We had a Valentine's day themed photo shoot when we unpacked the box, and here you go.

We will post photos of the other gems that my UPS lover delivered this morning, well, um, soon-ish.

Friday, February 11, 2011

INHABIT! First Spring delivery!

It may be a small delivery, but if you want every single item in it, it doesn't exactly make it any easier on the pocketbook.

Cardigan, silk/viscose blend. The texture!! The drape!!!! I dare you to decide if you love the front or back better: panelled detailing at the back or gorgeous asymmetrical draped top layer? Which way do you face when the camera comes out?!!? God help you.

Vest version? Obviously you want both. This little gem gives so much texture and dimension under a Helmut Blazer, and when summer rolls around imagine how fabulous it will be with washed linen shorts... hahaha I told you so!! YOU JUST CAN'T CHOOSE!!!! THEY ARE TOO GOOD!!

Super-soft cotton blend sweater that oozes texture. A cropped silhouette, slit detail up the sides... cute with looser distressed denim as pictured... and of course with shorts (because ONE DAY it will be warm enough)!

Linen/cotton blend... *drool*

Take something you wear almost every day: the t-shirt. Then take it to a whole new level, and you get this. #ruinedforlife

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Luisa Brini!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Isabel Marant: some mainline and more Etoile!!

An amazing delivery!! We managed to get a few photos taken, but unfortunately not everything! We will post the rest tomorrow! In the mean time, enjoy!!

Such a cute cut, in a cotton printed with stars and circles. Also available in the below fabric. Not to make your life any more difficult, but you might have to choose.

Gorgeous black blazer from mainline... a loose cut and comes with a belt. Will go beautifully back to everything else from Isabel Marant in your closet. The cotton eyelet shirt underneath is also from this delivery.

This little cropped cotton/linen sweater from the runway is so awesome! We are wondering if our legs would get hypothermia and fall off if we tried to rock this outfit today... or maybe it might just be easier to wear the famous Isabel sweatpant for another few months.

It couldn't get anymore famous: the purple runway dress.