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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vena Cava!! Our 2nd Fall 09 Delivery!

Fringe!! This silk nude/black combo mini dress is so much fun!! Bare legs, ankle boots, tights, a leather jacket... I can see this worn so many different ways!

This strapless dress has awesome wiring through the top of it, and an amazing plunge detail in the front. Cute, sexy, fun...

This silk top with chain detail is one of my favorites, I love how it looks under a blazer, and I love how sexy these straps are on the shoulders. Plus, I have a real thing for red... it's so bold!

This double breasted knit sweater coat appeals to my practical side, but there is no compromise from my fashionista side... I love when I don't have to fight with myself!

More of the fringe trend... this time in a black and navy silk combo top. Styled here with the new Nobody black slim jeans that I think everyone needs so badly!

This silk dress in a gorgeous shade of green-blue is quite special: all boned through the plunging neckline, with a soft peplum flounce in the front, and with removeable shoulder pads... it's got a really fierce yet feminine vibe to it!! I would say it's almost eighties meets forties...

Fringe mini skirt. HOT.

Monday, August 24, 2009

JOSEPH!!! One of our new lines for Fall 2009!!!!

One of the things I love the most is taking something, anything, and making it better! The former genius behind Colette's fashion buying has taken up as creative director for British womenswear company Joseph, bringing the line back to the forefront of fabulousness! We are very pleased to have the line in store for the first time for Fall 2009!

Our first delivery arrived on Friday, and it was three pairs of their famous black gabardine pants: a 5-pocket slim leg cut, a slim trouser cut and a legging. All very body conscious, all very nice.

Friday, August 21, 2009

NOBODY is here!!!

The fabulous Australian line of denim that we are obsessed with!! They have their very own laundry, and produce absolutely amazing jeans!

This is the newest wash of the very, very popular boyfriend jean!! A bit of an antiqued finish, perfect with all the menswear inspired vests and blazers of the season!

More of the classic slim straight leg, the "mod fit": popular because it is always flattering!

This is a slightly distressed skinnier-leg version of the very popular "mod fit"!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Isabel Marant Etoile!!!! Finally!!! Our 1st Fall 09 Delivery!!

Thank god, we have been waiting so patiently for our Isabel Marant Etoile delivery to come!! It's finally here!! And it is amazing!! 

An extremely well cut collarless short bracelet-length sleeve wool blazer, the perfect slouchy black wool pant, the most amazing tunic dress, a sheer pintucked cotton blouse, a couple of perfect sweatshirt material pieces: a grey tunic, a black mini dress, and a pair of slim sweatpants with a zipper at the bottom! Also, some nubbly boucle knit tops: a beige asymmetrical closure jacket and a short sleeve black top!! 


Unfortunately we can't post pics, but if you would like us to email you them, please be in touch: mischboutique@gmail.com!!

Vanessa Bruno Athe: 3rd Fall Delivery!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GARY GRAHAM!!! Argh, I love him!! 1st Fall 09 Delivery!!!

Oh. My. God. When Gary Graham does a red dress, he does a red dress!! Fabulous neckline, interesting cut, but still an hourglass silhouette. It's the best of all worlds!!

This photograph of the back of the dress is particularly interesting because, not only does it look amazing from the back, but the dress can be worn back-to-front and looks amazing too!

This vest is completely reversible!! The front closure is so interesting, there are a few different ways to button it, but I love it with the contrast showing like this. We photographed it over another sweater from this same delivery, called the 'ballet knit top': how cute is that? It is a superfine cotton with some really interesting little details to it, beautiful for layering (obviously).

I am obsessed with this sweater, it is perhaps my favorite of the season so far, and for the rest of my life!!! Just kidding, I can't promise anything for the rest of my life. But it is an amazing sweater. I love it open, I love it closed. I love it over a dress, I love it over a tee shirt.

Another amazing dress from my new favorite man! A silk bodice top, and a crinkle silk (that probably has some wonderful name that I don't know) skirt... really flattering, really interesting... everything that I think is necessary in a dress!!

High waisted cotton skirt, blouson cotton top... the perfect slouchy casual look!

Nili Lotan! 2nd Fall 09 Delivery

This wool motorcycle jacket/ blazer is quite fantastically amazing. Look at this fit!!!!!!!

A fabulous skinny cotton 5 pocket style pant... one of the most necessary trends for the season in my opinion: the super skinny pant that doubles as a legging! Note the little zipper at the ankle...

A classic Nili Lotan piece: her long cashmere cardigan. This years version: a stunning sea blue/green-ey colour!

Bruuns Bazaar: 1st Fall 09 Delivery

Thursday, August 13, 2009

forte.forte IS FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! 1st Fall 09 Delivery: sent by angels

They have the most brilliant soft palette for Fall, and are the masters of doing the antiqued, slouchy, boyish styles for women. This wonderful Italian line is definitely one of our favorites!! This is one of our bigger deliveries from them ever, and is really worth taking a look at. We photographed almost everything, but each piece isn't necessarily that visible because of how we like to layer it all together... so you'll just have to come in!!

Jeffery Montiero Fall 2009: for the 1st time at Misch!

We are so excited to have this line in!!It's our first time with it, and we are the only people in Canada who have it! Yay!

Wool gauze top $396, wool blend culottes $427.

Crimson ribbed silk slouchy dress $590.

Printed silk top $453 (with the culottes that I love from above).

Check out this info on him, he has a really cool bio!! http://www.jeffreymonteiro.com/bio/

Vanessa Bruno Athe!! Second Fall 2009 Delivery!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3.1 PHILLIP LIM!!! 2nd Fall 2009 Delivery!!

God, I love this dress!! One of his runway little numbies! Mmmmm.... ruffles.... The fabric is a little leopard print! It's such a showstopper, we only have three of them!

This is called the "plummage sequins" tank... it's made of these grey/black big sequins.... racerback style... pretty fabulous I think!

This military-style coat is another one of his runway pieces. I am really glad that we went for this one in this colour because it is such a standout! It's quite a light weight, and a cotton blend: a perfect topper!

I think what I love about the 20's was the beadwork on silk... this is also what I love about this top. I think it is so elegant, interesting and beautiful! In chiffon, a sheer sleeve, a beautiful print. This one comes highly recommended from yours truly. Paired here with a 5 pocked cotton twill bootcut from this very same delivery. I think Phillip Lim's pants are a really wonderful fit, if you are in the market for a pant of this description, I would encourage you to see these while we have them!

The same grey/black big sequins from the tank at the top of the posting, but in a really hot little mini dress! Because when you need a sequin mini dress, nothing else will do!

The print on this adorable and feminine chiffon ruffle mini dress is so, so sweet. I love it when Phillip does this kind of dress, because he does it very, very well!

The top, just a tee. However, if you have ever owned one of his tees, you know, they aren't just tee's, they are amazing. Here with this fabulous ruffle mini skirt!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles!! Printed silk top, and belt, both 3.1 Phillip Lim (obviously), here with that hot Alexander Wang mini skirt that looks good with everything.