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The ANEMONI  scarf... a modal/silk blend scarf with one oversize blue flower on it

The IGLESIAS... a stunner of a silk/cashmere square shaped scarf with an ombre detail around the edge. 

The BOTANIC... a silk scarf with a blue-dye wash around the outside and a stunning antique floral print. 

The GERBERA... a modal/cashmere blend scarf in a dark fushia raspberry colour. 

The PORT scarf... a long rectangle shaped scarf in cotton with the most gorgeous cartoon print of the centre of London
The RONDINELLA scarf... a large square shaped modal/rayon/linen/silk blend with the most gorgeous print of birds and butterflies
The ENRY... a beautiful square shaped silk cashmere blend scarf in the most gorgeous shade of pale blue. 
The LUDOVICA... a lovely cement-grey modal/silk/wool blend scarf with a very subtle contrast trim around the outermost few inches.
The FLUENTE... a modal/silk blend scarf with a gorgeous oversize floral design. 

The LOVE LOVE scarf... a modal silk blend that features an antique font taken from the pages of a dictionary, featuring the definitions of love and overlaid in large red font saying "Love". This could make a great gift... either from you... or to you!!

The CITTA scarf... a modal silk blend scarf in a beautiful print featuring different cities... New York, Paris, London

The GERBERA... a modal cashmere blend in lavender... we also have it in a pinky-purple colour that we call lilac!

The SERPENTELLI... an amazing large square shaped scarf with a serpent print... in celebration of the Year of the Snake! 

The very popular AZZURRA scarf... a modal cashmere blend scarf (also available an electric orange/red).
The GENIUS... a irreplaceable modal/silk scarf featuring drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. 

The VOLANDO scarf... a cotton blend scarf with a beautiful butterfly print. 

The very popular AZZURRA scarf in the royal blue.
The FARFALLA... a cotton silk blend scarf with very graphic and abstract butterflies.