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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


...otherwise known as le plus chic scarves EVER!!

Basically, if you like a bit of drama in your outfit (as opposed to in your life perhaps?) then you really must see these. One part 'bad girl', one part 'paris' and one part 'Audrey Hepburn'... you can see why I think everyone who is terrifically stylish would want in on the ground floor of this one!!

Taffeta, silk and tulle scarves that tie around the neck creating a dramatic frame for the face. I love it with a dress with a simple neckline (strapless, shift or v-neck) and Anna and Lara both love it casually, Lara with wide leg pants and flats and Anna with skinny jeans. All look quite wonderful!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Des Petits Hauts

A gorgeous delivery of really lightweight knits... a variety of styles (short sleeve, long sleeve, turtleneck) and a variety of fabrics (cotton blend, wool blend, cashmere blend) and colours (mini stripe, small stripe and solid).

Always fabulous simple basic pieces from this line, this delivery doesn't disappoint.

Monday, September 22, 2008

NOBODY is here

And by that I mean that everybody should be here taking a look at the most exciting delivery of denim EVER.

Yes, there are the classics: the Mod fit (a straight leg cut that looks really really good on the bum- just ask the girls who got thier hands on the white version from the spring) in black and dark indigo.

And the kinda different: the high waisted distressed grey skinny leg. I have been talking about this jean for months, pretty much ever since we placed the order. They give just the right dose of bad girl to pretty much any look and I want everyone whose closet I care about to have a pair. They would be amazing with frilly girly stuff to make it less literal, they would add some interest to cool boyfriend cardigans and sweater dresses and ankle boots. Ok, they're just fabulous all by themselves.

The other ones that are really different and fabulous are the distressed boyfriend jeans. Wrinkled, ripped, faded, really cool. Almost sold out. Yes, it's true.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you're at that point where you are thinking you've already blown your fall wardrobe budget and you should really stop shopping, you should really not draw that line BEFORE you see this Vanessa Bruno delivery (I mean you've already blown it, what difference does it make where you stop?)!

Ha ha, kidding... (a little)

Anyway, the first half of this delivery arrived on Monday evening. That delivery included some celebrities in their own right: a sleeveless satin top in the most mouthwatering shade of peach with a quasi-cap-sleeve created from folded layers of the fabric and a cowl BACK (oooooooh, fabulous, right?). Its SUCH a gorgeous colour, particularly if you have a bit of that summer tan hanging around. I think the high waisted wide leg grey wool pants are extremely elegant (Lara agrees I think, but she looked so good in them she's not allowed to disagree). Kristin is dying for the grey wool jacket (same fabric as the pants). It has this very elongating fold/ruffle (hard to describe) down the front, the jacket mid-thigh length. Actually, Lara looked pretty unbelievable in the jacket too. So did Julia. IT'S THAT GOOD.

I'm going to ramble because I just feel like it...

There were two skirts... One cute black one, the kind you could wear to work (if you worked somewhere cool and/or have fabulous legs) and a little chiffon mini (it's in the window right now with the next top I'm about to describe with the Gary Graham beaded belt. I am really in love with this mannequin, can you tell?). Ahem. The top: rust orange, long sleeve, sheer cotton body, wool jersey shoulder. Mm, mm. So nice!

A few other unmentioned pieces: the long sleeve black two layered dress with drop waist, and the taupe coloured satin/ chiffon combo top. And this is all only the first half of this delivery!

The second half came in just a few hours ago... my heart is in my throat right now I'm so excited!! Like, giddy excited... being a shopaholic is some rush. Well, you know.

There are three different knits in this AMAZING weight of wool cashmere blend (and soooooooooo soft) that all feature this folding detail that is completely beyond my ability to describe it. Two pullovers (one dark forest green and one baby pink) and a cardigan in black that nobody is allowed to buy in my size. In a light, gauzy cotton fabric there is a short sleeve little top in cream and a racerback dress in the baby pink (a very nice shade of this colour I might add). There are two cable knit short sleeve tunic length sweaters, two great black mini cord jackets, one blazer style and one kinda baggy with a hood. An orange wool/acrylic/alpaca turtleneck! A olive green linen blend tee with satin bands draping from the sleeve around the neck... I adore linen knits, they are so luxurious.

And, my god, do people die for Vanessa's bags... we received only one style, and it is soooooooooo gorgeous. Olive green, super soft leather, two handles and a messenger strap, zipper closure, and neither too big nor too small. Aka pretty much the best bag on the planet. Yes, you're going to want it. I want it, Julia wants it. We're the only two people that have seen it. That's just how it is.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pringle 1815 Perfect Green Sweater $339.00 and Black Quilted Jacket $759

Love This Pringle 1815 Cardigan!!

Pringle 1815

It's like a finding a really amazing man that's ACTUALLY single, or discovering some adorable town that is totally off the beaten track... except even better. I KNOW! I KNOW!! WE GOT IN A NEW LINE!!!

The verdict: FABULOUS!!! We even changed the windows in honour of how much we love it.

As a general note, there were lots of really great knits, especially chunkier ones. There's really too much to describe (aka. lots for you to discover) but here's a few highlights anyway.

Alice's top three: a waist length scrunched nylon black jacket with nubbly knit trim(coming out the jackets elbow length sleeve and the huge oversize collar), two tone sleeveless (beige on the top half, stiff fuchsia pink cotton/nylon for the skirt), and finally the black merino wool knit bubble skirt (hits just above the knee).

Julia's top three: the knee length funnel neck black coat with a kind of tulip shape (ok, maybe not the best description, but its awesome!), the cream coloured chunky cable knit alpaca cardigan with an exposed industrial zip up the front, and the taupe coloured turtleneck... which is actually the most amazing turtleneck on the planet. It has fitted sleeves but is a square shaped body when you lie it flat. On the body it is long, super drapey, avant-garde and sexy. That's a lot for one sweater, but we're not making it up.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Gary. The Grammer. Whatever you call it, if you're a fan, you should really see this delivery since it is FULL of soon to be sold-out faves.

We have a great offering of dresses in neutral tones... a sleeveless silk chocolate brown number that features some subtle pleats to add movement in the skirt and a very flattering tie at the front. The forest green cowl neck sleeveless cotton/wool jersey dress is REALLY REALLY HOT in that sexy elegant earthy sophisticated way that I think is so very very dangerous and powerful and feminine and fantastic.

There is a very simple wool jersey long sleeve knee length dress that is perfect for showing off some of that toned summer physique, and also for using as a canvas for some of the statement belts of his that came in this delivery! There is a gorgeously decorative beaded belt, a skinny distressed dark brown leather belt, and a wide high waisted half leather half quilted fabric one that has the most amazing big blackened metal buckle ever.

I completely DIE for the cardigans, I think everyone should have one, except there is not nearly enough to go around. There are two styles in the same fabric combo (which is brown wool knit and charcoal wool twill). One is long (well past the hip) and is done in panels of the two fabrics and seamed together patchwork style. The other is shorter (waist length) and can be worn upside down or right side up and is slightly more patchwork-y since the two fabrics are not symmetric on either side of the piece...

I will leave you with this final juicy tidbit: we have a complete stunner of a brooch too. You'll just have to come in to see it!


I'm renaming this designer to Yoshi CAN DO because this delivery is so excellent... anyone that can balance casual and tuxedo is clearly a genius.

Every peice we got in is gorgeous, but I really especially love these casual cotton shirts (three different variations in different materials) that feature a tuxedo kind of detail in the front. They are so CUTE!!

There are some (also super cute) sweaters with a nautical inspiration. One striped pullover number has a fantastic twisted seam detail and an uneven hem. A long bodied v-neck navy cardigan has white trimming on the front, the sleeve, the hem etc. How can you not love it?!?

Finally, a really pretty knee length light grey wool felt a-line skirt with just a bit of camel coloured leather detailing. An absolutely perfect basic for fall daytime.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3.1 Phillip Lim

We just had a small but GORGEOUS delivery of 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Four peices:

The sleeveless dove grey Trompe L'Oeil "inside out" dress. A lightweight cotton shift with a beautifully folded satin overlayer that just covers the bust. I just put it in the window because I think everyone needs to see it!

A really great little wool jersey double breasted boyfriend blazer style jacket in black.

A completely necessary peice: exposed front zipper heavy cardigan with short sleeves. SO NICE.

Lastly, a silk mini polka dot long sleeve blouse (nude with black dots) with a smocking neckline. Cute over skinny jeans or tucked into anything high waisted!

Change of Venue for Warehouse Sale!

Please note that the warehouse sale will now be held at 201 - 343 Railway Street in Vancouver.

Monday, September 8, 2008


aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cozy. Admit it, it's all anyone really wants right now.

That's why I think you should be down here looking at the Humanoid that just came in! OMG. All these great big fabulous interesting (cozy!) oversize alpaca/ wool blend cardigans in charcoal, steel blue and a kind of two tone beigey-taupey colour. SO NECESSARY. I keep seeing them with just tights and boots and a tee for that sexy fall look I like so very much....

Three scarves: one super long aubergine boiled wool number which is Alice's FAVE, a really cool charcoal grey number where the two ends are joined forming a big loop that can wrap around the neck a variety of different ways that Anna loves, and a chunky ribbed heathered blue number for those who love a fringe!

Friday, September 5, 2008


The anticipation is over! The delivery everyone has been waiting for has arrived!! EVERYTHING IS AMAZING.

Two loose weave 85% cashmere 15% silk cream sweaters, one is a long cardigan with a big piece that ties around the neck like a scarf, the other is a long sleeve crew neck pullover. Both are perfect for doing anything cozy!!

The world's most amazing black cardigan (80% cotton 20% linen) with the most beautiful seam detailing in the back and an asymmetrical no closure front. TO DIE FOR.

A gorgeous long sleeve (80% cotton and 20% linen) lightweight beige henley. It that kind of sexy that doesn't necessarily look like you're trying to be sexy.

A dark taupe brown (85% cotton 15% cashmere) double layered turtleneck. Except the over layer is sleeveless and the under layer is ribbed. And its not really a tight turtleneck, its almost more of a cowl, or perhaps a cross between the two...

And two really beautiful green vests, one is 100% cashmere, a heavy almost hunting-style. The other is a very liquid, oversize fine 100% cashmere, sleeveless and with a kind of cowl neck (its impossible to describe).



A very fabulous outerwear-heavy delivery arrived a few hours ago! Anna & Alice's fave: a gorgeous double breasted collarless angora herringbone black charcoal just above the knee coat (its also has a waist length sibling which is equally fabulous).

Other highlights include a fantastic pair of stacked heel black suede boots with a subtle western feel, a very cute short sleeve black cotton trapeze cut dress with embroidery detail , a very pretty and very easy charcoal grey wool jersey tunic with a gathered waist line and a batwing sleeve. We also got some of her tights: two colours in the wool blend and two in the cotton blend.

Isabel fans will not be dissapointed!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yes, you heard right! Misch is having a warehouse sale jointly with One of a Few and Two of a Few!

The word is: Saturday Sept 20 (11-6) and Sunday Sept 21 (11-5) and will be held at the fabulous designer Dace's Warehouse located at 201 - 343 Railway.

We're excited and no doubt you are too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank you Vera Wang, I LOVE Lavender Label

SOMEBODY throw a cocktail party.

Everyone needs somewhere to wear the Vera Wang Lavender dresses that just came in. The red satin strapless gathered at one side dress is perfect for when you need to look DANGEROUSLY hot. The black sleeveless cowl neck wool crepe one is perfect for if you need a really elegant, really sexy, really versatile, really well cut LBD. The blue short sleeve satin one is classic Vera Wang Lavender: fun, easy to wear, pretty and flattering (it has this really fab applique detail on the front). There is the perfect black (not boring) pencil skirt and some very cute tops.

SUDDENLY, Fall Arrived!

Weather aside, a girl can't deny: fall clothes are just more fun to buy!

We have been receiving offerings for the season from a variety of designers for quite a few weeks already...

3.1 Phillip Lim
Alexander Wang
Vanessa Bruno
Isabel Marant
Loeffler Randall
Gary Graham
Hanii Y
Nili Lotan
Vena Cava
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Eugenia Kim

Inhabit scarves, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweaters, Loeffler Randall boots, Vanessa Bruno dresses... everything is just so necessary!

More news will arrive as more new merchandise does!