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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sartore!!! Sandals for Sunny Weather!!

Our heavily anticipated of footwear from Sartore for summer! That's right, we are working hard to make sure you aren't stuck having to wear things from last year. That would be terrible.

Just kidding, we all know Sartore's last forever. If only we had ones like this last year, you wouldn't need these, but since we didn't, you probably have a bit of a hole in your closet...

Oh my god. The dilemma! Flat or heel? Heel or flat? Both?!!? They are so different!! The flat one with R13's or anything Forte.Forte!! Perfection!! The high heels with a Gary Graham dress, Helmut Lang anything, Rag&Bone anything, Forte.Forte anything?

Sometimes it's helpful to ask yourself: what would Anna Spencer do? The I'monvacationandwearingnothingbutabathingsuitorhalfabathingsuit with some shoes look is always a good one. Think the flats for this circumstance. What would Lara do? If you didn't answer 'both' to that question so fast a tooth fell out then you are WRONG! What would Alice do? You mean the uniform: a dress? The high heels thankyouverymuch. This is the heel height that she referred to as 'runners' all last summer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Friday, April 22 - 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday, April 23 - 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday, April 24 - closed
Monday, April 25 - 10 am to 6 pm

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Phillip Lim: Last Spring Delivery!

Taylor Tomassi-Hill killed us the way she accessorized the hell out of this amazing top, and I have to say, the possibilities are endless. We kept it simple here, styling it with the matching shorts, a leopard print bag and bad-ass ankle booties. But please call us at the store if you have about 30 mins to chat about all the different ways we could see it worn!

How does Phillip do it?! Always cutting bottoms that fit so easily??! We are loving these new khaki shorts!

Ok, you need to 'lunch', but you also need to 'run errands', 'work', and 'do dinner'. This little number is what you will be wearing when you need to 'look good' while you are 'doing stuff'. Navy blue/black combo, and could be easily layered back to a cardigan to dress it down, a blazer to pull it together and or just hot shoes and a big cuff to dress it up.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Announced!

We love this Forte.Forte necklace!

Gorgeous uber-long diamante necklace wrapped with frayed silk. Seriously beautiful.

Monday, April 11, 2011


A new line at Misch?!!? Amazingness. A little Italian company who started out making wrestling shoes in 1886, then got famous for making soccer cleats, and now they make ballet flats for girls like us to wear to the Shopping Olympics (or for when we are training for the Shopping Olympics).

What we think is so great about these shoes, besides the fact that they are gorgeous, is the fact that they will go so perfectly back to everything Forte.Forte, just in case you needed an excuse.

Accessory Obsession: CARVEN

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Forte.Forte/MANTERO collaboration - the Re-Order!!

The strapless dress from this collaboration is one of the most amazing day-to-night dresses we have in the store. The same gorgeous overdyed printed silk from all the other items from this collection, and I think it looks just as great with these high heel ankle boots as it would with flat gladiator sandals.

The fabric just breaks my heart it's so gorgeous!! This oversized tunic looks great worn back to super-skinny jeans or leggings, or layered with an antique lace slip.

Definitely not your grandmother's silk scarf!


Dear Little Bow Shoes,

I love you. I want you on my feet. Forever.


Isabel Marant Franklin Runway Boots

I love this whole Runway vs. Real Life stuff that happens, honestly. It's important to never take fashion too seriously. However, this is not a joking moment. These boots are equally fabulous Runway to Real Life, but let's do a scientific analysis anyway.

The Real Life photo above. I took this picture this morning. They look pretty black black in this light. They look pretty damn sexy too.

Ok, here is the runway shot. The flashes from the photographers make them look less black, they are all slouchy and bohemian looking. But I guess you could do that in Real Life too.

The verdict: they don't disappoint!!! Dear Boots, I LOVE YOU.

Thakoon Joplin Bag - Where have you been all my life?

You wait and wait and wait for that perfect summer evening bag and then, one day - HELLO LOVER - here it is!

Gorgeous, soft snakeskin-imprinted leather, fold-over closure, suede-lined bag. Big enough to hold a few actual necessities (wallet, keys, phone, lipstick), so you could day-wear it, but would make such a statement for evening! I particularly love the gold chain shoulder strap - so pretty!

Friday, April 1, 2011