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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Feeling too hot might legitimately be the biggest problem you have when you wear this Thakoon dress for the first time.

Rag&Bone: 2nd Fall Delivery!!

One hell of a delivery. So many people have been in looking for dresses the last few days, and oh boy, did Rag & Bone give us what we needed!!! Plus, some great everyday wardrobe staples.

Look at this stunning lace number!! Um, WOW.

Styled here with the new Forte.Forte blazer (that never really got it's own post to do it justice).

The whole 'twenties' thing never really loses it's elegance for me. I love this modern architectural (yet soft) silk dress; I can see this going so many different places.

Can you believe this top?! The front is this gorgeous layered leather! UNREAL.

This double breasted khaki jacket would be basic, except they went and did a striped lining in the front and in the hood, making it anything but boring. They say God is in the details, and I don't want to get all religious on everyone here, but, well... enough said.

Mr. Summer Day Dress. And you can pretend that you don't know that you look SMOKING HOT in it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The R13 Denim Jacket & Jerome Dreyfuss Make Friends

Look who had a little meet and greet party yesterday! It was a long overdue introduction, as they are a match made in heaven really.

Contrary to popular belief, this is a bag made of leather! Leather made to look like canvas, but leather nonetheless. I love the look for the spring, and this colour goes with EVERYTHING!! Dear Billy Bag, I love that you hold everything I could ever imagine needing to put in a purse.

Don't tell anyone, it's a secret, but little pops of Leopard print are all over a fall collection from a certain French designer that is very hot right now. Plus tiny bags are fabulous. This little Mini Twee business is quite something.

Mmmmmmmessenger. Mr. Convenient.

Opens up from a clutch to a wallet? Love you little bag that goes everywhere! Even inside, say, the Billy Bag. And then from the Billy Bag to an evening adventure!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Last Forte.Forte Delivery of the Spring!!

We remember one year we had our delivery of Forte.Forte a bit late (compared to other deliveries), but it came right when all the warm weather came, it was amazing!! No such luck this year, delivery came on time, and you poor thing, you have to get all plan-in-advance on your spring wardrobe.

Being the shrewd little thing that you are, you know that this blazer was actually from the delivery before, but the linen crinkle tunic is new, and fabulous! Worn back to my new Joseph sandals. SHOES!! I love you shoes, yaaaaa, mommy loves you. SHOOOOOOZ!!!

Also from this delivery, but not photographed yet, are a large selection of blouses (long, short, sleeveless, sleeves, etc) in the signature blue-grey colour that we love so much from these guys. They call it Piombo, and I'm sure that translates to something, but whatever. To us it just means "awesome, let's do it".

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Very First Carven Delivery EVER!!!

We have so many amazing brands here at Misch, you'd think it would take down some of the excitement about getting a new line, but NO! It doesn't at all. Carven is so awesome it's stupid.

SHOES!!!!! I LOVE SHOES!!!!! I love THESE shoes!! So cute!!

Carven's primary specialty I would say, would have to be dresses, which is by no means to say that they don't do amazing jackets, top, shorts, pants, and (my personal life long obsesssion) accessories, because they do.

Have you ever seen a dress quite like this before in your life?! Me neither, and I think it is absolutely stunning.

God the back detail on this number blows my mind.

We nicknamed this outfit the "meet you in Monaco" outfit. Which is handy. Actually, all jokes aside, this neutral palette of beige, taupe, terracotta, nude, and camel is one of things I am the most inspired by this season.

Yes, it is big enough to carry a desktop computer, but sometimes, that's exactly what you need it for. Beautiful leather, beautiful design, and we think worth every penny of $781.

If these are sold out when you come in, it might be because I bought them all. Every single one. Ya, that's right. I can if I want to.

Rosegold hardware?! I couldn't be prouder if I had given birth to it myself.

Helmut Lang - a killer delivery

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Faliero Sarti!!

YELLOW!!!! So much fun!!! A modal/silk blend in a good rectangle shape (135 cm x 185). That little punch of colour that you've been wanting and needing. This is almost an electric shade, which I can't get enough of this with army green, or just about anything really.

Little plaid cotton guy!!

Silk/cashmere BUTTER!!! The rectangle shaped guys. 85 cm x 210. Yes, these are different from the ones pictured below. Completely different. Night and day. You could very easily get one of each and tell your husband that they are NOT THE SAME, d'ya hear?!!? NOT THE SAME!!!

This is one of our classic scarves, every season we find happy homes for this lovely style, and of course, every season the colours are completely different just to keep it interesting!! It's a modal/cashmere blend, and is a nice big rectangle size (140 cm x 195). I love these bright sea tones, especially when our little friend MR. SUN comes to visit.

Little cotton/silk gingham guy!!! 70 cm x 180. The perfect summer accessory size.

A cotton/silk/rayon blend in a rectangle shape (85 cm x 180). The first of our only two with embroidery! An absolutely gorgeous uneven dyed charcoal grey little number.

A little cotton gauzey number with dots and a kind of plaid background... 90 cm x 95 cm. A very fun Mr. Scarf.

THIS SCARF IS CALLED BUTTER. Or s*x. Or whatever it is that you love that feels great that makes you happy. The ultimate silk/cashmere blend! 70% cashmere 30% silk. The big square shape (155 cm x 155).

A modal/cashmere blend scarf, on the bigger side (145 cm x 190), almost a square... gorgeous little gingham print in beige and grey!

Love the little dots!! We had a similar style last year that didn't hardly last 2 hours! A crinkled cotton/polyamide blend, in a rectangle shape (105 cm x 160).

One of the two styles we have with embroidery detail! A cotton/rayon blend in a rectangle shape (80 cm x 185).

A gorgeous summer weight modal/cashmere blend scarf in a rectangle shape (140 cm x 185).

A breathtaking silk/cashmere blend square shaped (165 cm x 165) scarf. Notice how there are variations in the the colour, and the fringe is a bit longer than usual. Such depth!!

A very fine summer-weight, a modal/silk blend, with an absolutely stunning sort-of tie-dye meets moss-print. Impossible to describe, completely necessary. A rectangle shape (130 cm x 190cm).

A very fine summer-weight scarf in a modal/silk blend, with a gorgeous soft plaid print. Almost a perfect square shape (135cm x 140).

This little number is a triangle shape with sequins, worn beautifully with grey's and army greens.