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Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Isabel Marant Etoile!! Love the early spring delivery!!!

Isabel Marant - the newest jewellery!

We have been eagerly waiting for what Isabel Marant calls 'the sweatshirt jewellery', we love this very short necklace back to very casual t-shirts and sweatshirts!

Stephanie Jewels by Stephanie Giribone!


Leather strand necklaces with 14k gold beads, or pendant, all sold separately. $216 each

Solitary square on 16" chain, 14K gold. $324

6 squares on 16" 14k gold chain. $405


Wire bracelet with 4 circles, 14k gold. $362

Leather strand bracelets with 14k gold beads, sold separately. $180

Chain bracelet with 5 squares, 14k gold. $282


Chain ring of squares, 14K gold. $240

Twisted wire ring w solitary circle, 14k gold. $202

Wire ring with 4 circles, 14k gold. $186

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vanessa Bruno! Back to Back Deliveries!

More Vanessa Bruno? YAY!!!

We couldn't stop fantasizing about summer when we unpacked this gorgeous linen trimmed lace top. Oh, to feel heat again!! We were imagining how much we love running around barefoot... wearing the Thakoon harem shorts with a weightless floaty little top exactly like this.

Or perhaps the tunic version might strike your fancy? As a bathing suit cover up? As part of an amazing daytime outfit? Both excellent possibilities. I was just listening to our fearless leader discuss other possibilities, and she blew my mind. A cardigan overtop, skinny faded denim, with a skinny black belt wrapped around the waist and bloused up a bit; this way the pintuck/pleat/lace detail and the bottom just pokes out the bottom. Repeat the same outfit but with a hip length pullover sweater instead. With a short schoolboy blazer? With a long grey boyfriend blazer? Worn back to really tough things for a beautifully contrasted look, worn back to softer things for a bit of a european-romantic look... the possibilities appear to be endless!

This strapless striped denim dress is perfect for beach combing!! Or perhaps for city life... drinks, daytime, nighttime? Would be great with a jacket on top, with a scarf, or all by itself.

Having trouble imagining it with a jacket on top? Not anymore! This gorgeous contoured shoulder black leather jacket (reasonably priced at $842... or so we thought anyway) is our outfit du jour.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vanessa Bruno! 1st Spring Delivery!

Oh thank god delivery season has started up again, I find myself looking right past Christmas on the calendar for the real excitement to begin. I CAN NOT WAIT for delivery season to start up again... every time the UPS guys knocks on the back door my heart seriously jumps right out of my chest. Better than Christmas and my birthday put together? I say it all the time, and it's about as serious as I ever get.

The latest goodies to fiend after?!!?! Vanessa Bruno: a few items of mainline, and a few from ATHE! Can't figure out the difference between the two lines? It took me ages, but I think it comes down to: mainline (what you see on her runway) is often more unusual cuts and/or fabrics, and so the price point is a little higher. ATHE is often more daywear pieces, and so the fabrics are often more simple, and so the price point is just slightly lower. But the designs from all are absolutely stunning, and the aesthetics of both are very cohesive. On to the clothes themselves!

Nice boots.

Now that you mention it, the draped t-shirt from ATHE and the gorgeous lightweight grey silk knit cardigan from mainline look pretty darn good too.

The money shot. Check out the silk lining on the cardigan. Bet that feels good on. The lining hangs down outside of the cardigan a bit at the back too... very cool.

The purpose of this photo is to feature this beautiful blouse (cotton/linen blend pinstripes from ATHE), but it's kinda funny how I end up thinking this Isabel Marant Etoile skirt (we still have one left in a size 0) and these Sartore boots (unbelievably on sale for 40% off) are killer pieces too... separately and as an outfit!

This with this gorgeous silk dress from ATHE is perhaps one of the easiest dresses around. Vanessa really is a master at creating a soft femininity... her ruffles are rarely ever too much, rather they are often just right.

I will not be dropping it about the Sartore boots (they really are perfect)! This outfit: the new Vanessa Bruno lilac cotton blouse and the R13 sweatpant jeans (on sale). I also think that this is a lovely way to layer up some of your heavier 'keep-warm' cardigans, vests and jackets, and you can console yourself that you are still wearing the lighter, brighter things of spring. Pretending that we don't live in a city with an 8-month wearing season for cashmere is fun: everybody does it! Plus, when it's legitimately warm outside, it will be perfect.

This floral print silk dress from her mainline is such a soft, beautiful cut. It's not a wrap like it almost looks, but has a sort-of twist in the front, or a folding detail where the fabric meets: hard to explain, and very unusual. Vanessa Bruno and her draping... really, she does this very well. If I recall correctly, her spring line was very inspired by Hawaii and California: the colours, the kind of flowers in this print really speak to that. Hard to see in the photo, but you can see in the store when you visit us next. Yes, I will obviously think this is completely amazing with a heavier cardigan and motorcycle boots for daywear (I love that look), but if you, say, bought yourself a trip to Mexico or Hawaii, you could wear this and be very fabulous.

At the time of writing, this gorgeous black silk top is all sold out except for a 36 (the smallest size they made it in, kind-of like a size 2). Everyone who bought it thought it would just be as easy as pie to wear, and I rather agree. It could end up being one of those things in 5 years you wish you had 2 of. Hopefully not if your size is gone though, then hopefully you don't really like it anyway. In fact, it's terrible. Good thing it's gone, stupid top. Boots are pretty great though. Love those bad boys.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Spring Delivery!

This gorgeous little blue linen dress is the kind of dress we thought every woman looking for a day dress in colour would want come warmer weather. A flattering cut, easy to layer and a fun shade: this could end up being one of those little dresses that you grab over and over again.

The merino wool from this delivery feels like BUTTER. This draped tank is a really nice shade: in between oatmeal and grey. Paired back to a simple cropped pant, also from this delivery.

Super lightweight asymmetrical draped t-shirt. We've had rave reviews from similar shirts he's done in the past.

This is the same merino wool, but this time in the wrap cardigan. We loved in so much we also bought it in the oatmeal/light grey colour.