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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She Wore Red. . .

Happy Canada Day! Our hours are 12:00 - 5:00 on July 1, 2010.

Monday, June 28, 2010

This jacket on sale?! UNBELIEVABLE. You lucky thing, you have no idea.

You may recall this stunning Rag&Bone jacket (officially titled the Peak Lapel Razor) from when it first arrived in store a few months back. We could tell there was something special about this jacket from when we first unpacked it, the way it feels, the way it fits... it was a little more expensive than usual ($1535 at regular price). The inside label says Hand Tailored, the finishing details on the inside are incredible... essentially, this jacket makes my mouth water, it's so amazing.

But, delivery season was crazy, and we wanted to find out more, but until now, we didn't.

This garment was made in Brooklyn, USA, at a garment manufacturing plant owned by a man named by the New York Times as "a tailor's tailor": Martin Greenfield. Very famous by those in the know, and for good reason. This factory produces the highest quality (mostly mens) suiting produced in the United States today by all accounts. Band of Outsiders and Rag&Bone both have him produce items for them, and the odd U.S. President (seriously). And no wonder, he has been in the business his entire life. A holocaust survivor, he moved to New York all alone at 16, and started working for GGG Manufacturers. He worked his way up, and eventually bought the company in the 70's.

My friend who works at Rag&Bone said it best herself after taking a tour of his factory:

"His two sons gave us a tour of the 3-floor factory in Bushwick, from design, to cutting, to pockets, to sleeves, to pressing, to button holes, etc, etc. They said that one suit goes through 108 steps and people, for a total of 18 hours of work. The sleeve itself goes through something like 20 steps. They steam after every single step, creating the shape and the "memory" of the suit."

Hearing that, to me, always reminds me why quality clothing, while more expensive, is totally worth every single penny. So, my heart is breaking that we have it on sale, 40% off to $921.

One of my top three favourite blogs is the one written by Todd Selby, and I was thrilled to see that he had been to the factory and documented what he saw for all of us! Check out his post here:


Also, the New York Times article I referred to earlier can be found here:


Long Live Great Quality!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rag&Bone Pre-Fall Delivery!

Rag&Bone: you are so bad ass!!! I mean, not literally, because everything is totally unassuming and easy and cool, but not trying to be anything. I just mean that I really really really love everything you make because it is fabulous and unassuming and easy and cool. Ya.

Jacket. Lightweight wool. Suede collar. Killer fit. $672.

Close ups of good fabrics make my mouth water. Look at the stitching! Incroyable!!

Silk top. Awesome print. Lined in super soft Lyocell jersey. So enjoyable to wear! $312.

Silk crop pants. My latest obsession. I dare you to come and try them and NOT buy them. (muahahahahahahahaha) In case you are unable to resist: $229.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brand New Styles from Anna de Courcy!

From whistles to heart clasps, and tassels to bobbins - Anna has done it again with an impressive collection of unique pieces to suit your wildest accessory dreams...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Absolutely Amazing Selection of Sale!

The Boy by Band of Outsiders was all part of the new markdowns yesterday. Every single piece from this collection was out of this world, so none of it should be on sale. However, crazy things happen, and here we are!

Gorgeous cotton khaki crop pants with removable suspenders made in Italy (also available in grey linen). Regular price: $426, on sale for $298.

My favourite cotton/linen blend cropped tuxedo jacket of all time. Regular price $1230, on sale for $861.

Some of the most amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim pieces are here ON SALE. Insanity. There is obviously tons more than I have pics of here, but that's the mystery of it all. Any out of town fans should for sure give us a call (604-731-1017) and we can chat about what we have in whatever size you wear.

This lace skirt is amazing!! Regular price: $564, on sale for $394.

Silk dress, regular price $684, on sale for $478.

Cotton blend croc print dress (so ladylike!!). Regular price $648, on sale for $453.

An amazing article on Vogue.com:

A Look at Resort 2011: Organic, as Worn by Donna Jordan and Her Daughter

“I’ve always wanted to do something with Donna. She’s completely iconic! She’s a wonderful embodiment of the process of self-discovery, of being who you are,” saysOrganic designer John Patrick, looking lovingly at his friendDonna Jordan, the famous 1970s mannequin who was revered by Antonio Lopez and shot byGuy Bourdin, and who palled around with Andy Warhol,even starring in one of his movies, back in the day. Jordan and her daughter, Kate Ballo,also a model, have agreed to be unconfirmed in Patrick’s resort look-book, and I’m hanging out at the shoot, which is taking place in a borrowed loft in DUMBO. (“I don’t even have an office,” Patrick tells me. “I work out of an abandoned barn upstate.”) The clothes, which look effortlessly wonderful on both women, continue the designer’s exploration of what he describes as “sustainability and ethics, but fashion first—our fashion, the way we see fashion. This season it’s all about a hoodie with a jacket or a trench over it, everything cropped, but cropped in a refined way,” he says, showing off an abbreviated gray sweatshirt with extra-long, extra-skinny sleeves. “And we’re loving every configuration of a shirt! We’re obsessed with shirts; they’re really the foundation of how to get dressed, for everyone from Patti Smith to Slim Keith.” Of course, what distinguishes Organic’s clothes from the fashions offered in Keith’s or even Smith’s day is the socially conscious nature of the fabrics. Patrick shows off a clean-lined, collarless jacket made of recycled polyester from Japan. “The recycling that’s done there is very forward. I just returned from doing a lot of fabric research in Japan—I’m always working with the weavers, the spinners. It all starts with the fabric.” Watching Ballo play with the trilby on her pretty head, Patrick observes, “I’m the opposite of throw-away. We waste nothing. That’s a Stephen Jones hat—I’ve had it since 1983.” A sweatshirt dress—perfectly cut, perfect length—elicits an unusual reminiscence: “I lived in San Francisco in 1979, and there was a tribe of really wild girl punks, and one of them, Judy, lived in her sweatshirt dress at Hamburger Mart.” But that was a long time ago. “Now I have a farm; I’m planting corn! I’m a compete bohemian.” Though Jordan, who was discovered by Antonio Lopez at a Central Park be-in in 1969, spent the ensuing decade costumed as everyone from a Marilyn Monroe manqué to a 1940s platinum pinup (I am stunned to find out this is not her natural hair color), there was one disguise that no one was thinking about 30-odd years ago, in those days of paper dresses and disposable fashion. “Nobody thought about green anything back then; it was not part of the vocabulary,” Jordan says. “It was a more frivolous time.” Neither mother nor daughter professes the remotest interest in fashion, both alleging that they live in jeans, tanks, and tees and sneakers, but they make a happy exception for Organic. “I respect it because it’s so basic; it’s easy, soft, and laid back. I appreciate quality,” says Ballo, who insists that although she’s been a model for seventeen years—she was on the cover of Italian Glamour, shot by Steven Meisel, when she was twelve—this is not really her vocation. “I train dogs, and I’m studying to be a holistic nutrition health counselor. I love it.” So, Kate, for your real life, would you wear the gray sweat-shorts and the fluttering silk flowered blouse you have on for the shoot right now? “Well, um, yes, the shorts, anyway,” she replies. “The shorts definitely!”

—Lynn Yaeger

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MoRE MARKDowN's??!?! 30-50% off SALE

The news you've been waiting for!! Lot's of fabulous first markdowns!! Items I did not want to markdown, but the retail gods said I had to. Also, they said lots of excellent second markdowns were in order - up to 50% off!! Soooooo, ya, that's what happened.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall!!

A fabulous delivery for the Alexander Wang purist: sexy and black with a downtown twist.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall Delivery

There is a pretty good chance that most of you Vancouver girls haven't even really worn all the things you bought for spring yet, seeing as how we are still waiting for the nice weather to come. So it feels a little funny to be getting excited for pre-fall and fall clothes... I'm not saying I'm not going to be getting excited, I'm just saying that it feels a little weird. There are some things that involve not wearing a jacket at night that have to happen before I'm willing to welcome Fall with open arms.

That being said, for girls who work in stores, fall clothes is always the theme of summer. So, this being no exception, HELMUT!!!

This dress is absolutely HOT. An unlined lightweight stretch silk dress: yes you can wear this all summer.

Bad girls that we are, we haven't photographed the very hot cowl neck racerback tank, nor the really cool seamed leggings (which are more fall wear than summer wear...)!

Friday, June 4, 2010

ALEXANDER WANG BAGS & T by Alexander Wang

Obviously Alexander Wangs dresses speak for themselves, but I'm going to say it anyways, this one shoulder T dress is sooo HOT. Paired with the new Jenna Clutch in leather/velvet, almost like a leather corduroy you must see with your own eyes!

The famous Rocco Mini Duffle, in the leather/velvet. The Rocco Mini Duffle comes with a detachable long strap and the studs which are oh so bad.

Draped striped tulip skirt with waist band, the ruching on the side makes this skirt very interesting as well as flattering. The other oversized envelope Jenna Clutch, in a green that is so dark one would mistake it for black, very cool.

Awesome casual pants that could be worn with gladiators or dressed up with booties. A great weight for summer.