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Monday, September 28, 2009

BOY by Band of Outsiders!!! 2nd Fall Delivery

This tuxedo jacket is so fabulous! A little chain link detail to close the front, a beautiful pleated lining in the tails, a totally wearable, yet totally special piece!

A really cool psuedo-preppy striped mohair blend v-neck.

This wool blazer is really an excellent addition to a healthy fall wardrobe, extremely versatile, a fabulous cut and gorgeous material. The definition of a staple piece if you ask me!

Inhabit!! Our Second Fall 09 Delivery!

R13 Denim

Maybe what I love the most about this line is that no one really knows about it! Beautiful denim, made in Italy. Really different cuts, a bit of an antiqued look. I love them! I also love that the biggest secret of all is: who the designer is!

This is our first season with them, and they come in three awesome fits: the loose, slouchy skinny, the skinny, and the legging skinny. Gorgeous washes, super hot slim European fits.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FALIERO. SARTI. Need I say more?!!?

Even More Agnelle Gloves!!

Long lambskin leather gloves. Perfect for with jackets with shorter sleeves, and I am so glad that we bought it in this eye popping cobalt blue because, well, it's gorgeous!!

It's a bit hard to see in this picture, but these are a cashmere blend knit glove, with a brown suede overlay, done in a style that reminds me of spectator shoes (which I really think are cool, as a side note).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3.1 Phillip Lim!! 3rd Fall Delivery!!

This is the runway "trapeze coat" that everyone has been waiting for! The material in real life is stunning! The lining is amazing!! I mean, obviously the cut is amazing, that goes without saying. But things like fabric and finishing is very important to me, so that's why I bring it up.

Omg, I love this dress. It's got this amazing forties movie star feeling to it... extremely elegant! No picture will do this dress justice, trust me!

This polka dot silk top is SO CUTE!! Classic Phillip. Paired with these awesome black trousers, also from this delivery.

Sasha is so obsessed with this dress it's not even funny! You can see why though, it's so cute! Its a great little day-to-night dress in a very wearable jersey.

Gary Graham!! 2nd Fall 09 Delivery!

This is one of the most original things I have ever seen. It looks like a scarf, you put it on like a vest. It's got leather panels, and there are quite a few different ways to wear it. I happen to think this wrapped way looks hot over this T by Alexander Wang dress.

They called this "the broken belt", which I think has made me fall even more in love with it!

This just looks like a regular belt, but its not! It is contoured such that it is slimmer in the back, wider in the front! How well thought out is that?!

We had a very similar scarf last year which sold out incredibly quickly. I can tell you why too!! BECAUSE IT RULES!!! We photographed it buttoned up here, but it can obviously be worn unbuttoned as well. In fact, there are probably other cool things to do with it that we haven't even figured out yet.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

HACHE!!! Our 1st Fall 09 Delivery From Italy!!!

I. LOVE. HACHE. I. LOVE. HACHE. Brilliantly cut, styled and designed.

This wool felt jacket has the most amazing lines to it, the most amazing weight to it, the most amazing fit to it!!

This fabulous sleeveless white ruffle blouse was bought to go with these paperbag waist pants, I love this outfit!

This is the most unusual (in a very good way) tops I have ever met. We have only four of them, so only four lucky clients can have it! The top part is wool jersey, the bottom part is leather, and has the most interesting swing cut and a rounded hemline. FABULOUS!!

This jacket was bought to put with this vest (underneath), but they are just as amazing separately as together! It will never show up in the photo, but the seaming on this jacket will blow your mind.

Here is the vest all on its own just so you can see how beautifully cut it is!

This is the most beautifully feminine, simple, clean elegant coat I think. The neck tie is completely removable.

This skirt is the most unique material. Like a wool jersey, but not! We had a lot of fun playing dress up with this piece! It looks great so many different ways! Paired here with a black turtleneck, tights and boots for an elegant way to day-wear it.

This tunic is half wool jersey and half silk. It looks like it could double as a dress, but those leggings underneath better be more like pants and less like tights: the buttons don't go all the way down the front!!

I would just like to take the time to explain yet another reason why I love Hache. They have the most amazing leather goods. In my opinion, this line is far too good of a secret. Don't tell anyone!

This belt can be worn high and low, all thanks to more than the usual number of holes. Well thought out, if I do say so myself.

This hook front belt is also an elastic/leather combo, and like all the others, fits beautifully around the waist! I love how they have used both silver and gold metal on this, I feel like it's easier to just put on with whatever!

This brown one is such an amazing shade of brown! It has a slide closure; a very beautifully designed one at that!

More Hanii Y Fall 09!!

More Agnelle Gloves!

Friday, September 4, 2009

ORGANIC by John Patrick 2nd Fall 2009 Delivery

This is my new absolute favorite vest! Cute, cozy and sexy! Just what everyone wants this time of year, no? 25% angora, 75% wool.

Absolutely stunning lightweight wool/silk scarves. Absolutely stunning.

100% organic cotton woven blouse with puff sleeve.

Alexander Wang Fall 09 Spider Lace Dress

oh, alex. wow. the spider lace dress? very sexy. i love it. call me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pringle 1815 (makes your favourite new red jacket)!!

It was really hard to capture the colour of this amazing little wool pea coat! It is an orangey-red, so gorgeous! Plus it's such a great fun cut of jacket to do in a colour like this I think...

Agnelle: Gloves for Leather Lovers

These amazing gloves are lambskin exterior and silk lining. The top pair is purple, the bottom pair is black (the colours didn't photograph very accurately I don't think). They are like leather jewellery for your hand... I LOVE THEM!!