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Saturday, April 4, 2009


'Tis the season to strip ourselves of our North Face puffy jackets, Hunter gum boots and entirely black ensembles and emerge decked out in Faliero Sarti scarves, gladiator sandals and colour.
I understand that it's not always ideal to go fishing through magazine after magazine in search of the seasons most prominent trends and fashion forward buys, which is why we have designed a list in which you can refer to and we can have fun making!
So in no particular order, Misch's top faves for the current Spring season are:


As Alice likes to say "Alexander Wang is SO hot right now!!" - paying homage to Mugatu in Zoolander of course, she thinks it's funny..
But seriously, he is. Everythink he creates is the epitome of cool. I can't even stress how brilliant he is, so I won't even try. Just...so hot right now...


So, we all know the gladiator has made a massive comeback yet again this Spring, which I think is great, but I also feel the need to have provided to me a second "It" shoe option that will guide me through the summer sun with style. Tsumori Chisato has created this chic, funky yet incrediably versatile sandal that I am seeeriously coveting. Once you slip one on it's hard to take it off, so try on at your own risk.

(Tsumori Chisato, $495 CAD)


I love the tailored look. And I'm a huge sucker for suit jackets. But usually once a year (and hopefully more) it actually doesn't rain in Vancouver and we actually don't need as much coverage, which is why the vest was such a great fashion invention. They really edge up our flowy summer dresses, dress up our basic white T's, and just create that little extra interest in mostly any outfit.

(Hanni Y vest, $425 CAD)


Question: What's the easiest, most comfortable and chicest way to add style to the most basic tank, tee or cadigan?
Answer: The summer scarf.
Question: Which is the best way to emulate the whimsical beauties whose outfits we study each and every day on The Sartorialist?
Answer: Copy their everyday usage of scarves.
Question: Why don't you already own one of these?
Answer: Because until now you didn't realize what's best for you.
(Faliero Sarti, left to right, $396, $242, $342, $231 CAD)
They're everywhere. Skirts, dresses, tops, cardigans, jackets even shoes. Obviously they're doing something right or they wouldn't be taking over the world like they are. That's right, ruffles are taking over the world.
Well, the fashion world at least...
(3.1 Phillip Lim, $578 CAD)


I love little black dresses, I do, they're classic, but don't you think it's time to take a break from the colour altogether? Winter's over, and we've all just covered ourselves in the shade for past 6 months straight, right? Perhaps we should attempt to venture off.
Spring and summer are the seasons of celebrations, graduations and weddings. The perfect dress to carry through all the festivities with grace is a must. Let's be honest, it's not really in all our cards to own a closet bursting with cocktail dresses for every occassion, so if you're dropping the dough just once, you have to make it count. With it's classic shape, feminine neckline, added edge (the studs on the straps and the zipper down the front) this Vena Cava number really sums up all you need or should ever want from a dress. Not to mention, it flatters every shape and fits like a - no, better - than a glove.
So for all of you who are still too attached to black to fully let it go, you can find a friend in this part-black, beautifully constructed dress for Spring.
(Vena Cava, $736 CAD)
I totally get the practicality of a roomy, slouchy oversized bag for fall, as it suits the overall look of the season (and provides space for your "in door" shoes) but for Spring, less is really more. With enough tiny compartments allowing you to give your wallet the boot, and a strap long enough so that you can throw it over your shoulders allowing your arms freedom, and a weight that lends itself to hours of walking without tire (as we live in a walking city, especially during nice weather) this bag really is essential for the upcoming season. Plus, who can resist the nude one? Fab fab fab colour.
(Vanessa Bruno, $531 CAD)
It's all one piece, like a dress, but it's casual, like jeans and a t-shirt, yet it's comfy, like pajamas.
Is there anything else I need to mention about the jumpsuit to emphasize it's greatness?
(3.1 Phillip Lim, $588 CAD)
What's the best way to finish off a beautifully wrapped gift? A bow!
What's the best way to finish off a beautifully outfitted girl? A bow belt!
Plus, they are gauaranteed to fit you perfectly because you tie them as tightly or loosely as you want. Oh, and they go with everything.
(3.1 Phillip Lim, $509 CAD)

I bet you thought I forgot this one, didn't you. You're reading this all the while thinking that I'm leaving out the most exciting and huge must-have of the season, as stated by everyone, when really, I was just saving the best for last. The harem pant. Or just any slouchy trouser in general. The boyfriend jean is even sort of a version of this as well. Whatever it is, make it baggy, slouchy and almost a little too comfy for fashion. They're all perfect.
(Hache, $519 CAD)