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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hache!!! I love this line! 2nd Spring 2010 Delivery!

Ahhhh... this Italian line is my absolute favourite. I love that we are the only ones carrying it, but I also don't understand why they haven't taken over the world. Their pieces are amazing!

This stunning cotton dress couldn't be any better if it tried.

My paralyzing obsession with linen continues: today it finds a physical manifestation in these scarves.

These two jackets in the same fabric from this delivery are both really special, an unusual sporty soft synthetic material that hold its shape really well. We couldn't decide if this shorter style looked better open or shut, so here are photos of it both ways!

The latest belt from the producers of the best belts EVER. 1.5" in width, meant to be worn high on the waist, but a bigger size and worn on the hips in your jeans looks great too.

The longer of the two jackets (also amazing), we couldn't decide if we thought it was cooler belted or unbelted, so here it is both ways.

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