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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SALE - the Accessories Post!!

We think Sartore makes the most comfortable high heels around. These are perfect because you can wear them with almost any casual outfit to make it just that little bit sexier... or with a little summer dress to give it just a little bit more attitude! Still available in a 39 and 41... on sale for $507 from $725.

We love these Sartore snakeskin sandals for being both elegant and unusual. Not to mention beautifully made. Just went on sale today! We have a size 36.5, 37, 38, 39.5 and 40 left. On sale for $353 from $504.

Sartore boots on sale is a really big deal, as any owner of a pair can tell you. I own these bad boys and LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Last pair in size 38.5. On sale for $655 from $1092.

Last pair: size 41. Unbelievable to me because these sold so fast the moment they came through our doors! On sale for $516 from $860.

Last pair - size 40. I have been discussing the merits of summer boots like this a lot lately for a variety of occasions, but I am obsessed with these for travelling. They are more comfortable than runners, and way cooler. All these European magazines used these to do some incredible photo shoots with white eyelet maxi dresses, and you would for sure be the poshest chick at Stampede. On sale for $663 from $1105.

A really dramatic leggy look with these Guiseppe Zanotti for Thakoon sandals... awesome with a little onesie for going out dancing. On sale for $406 from $812.

I think finding really cute summer sandals in a light colour like this is one of those fashion missions that can go on for years... I love the greyish white lizard skin effect on these - back to cobalt blue anything, with a monochromatic white outfit or with a short little printed dress! Now on sale for $423 from $846.

Statement shoes!! Everyone's closet needs a pair! I love these with a short dress in the neutral tones, or just about anything from Isabel Marant's spring 2011 collection. On sale for $535 from $1070.

The texture on this Jerome Dreyfuss Billy Bag is out of this world... a lambskin stamped to look like canvas... gorgeous! I think it's the perfect leather for a summer bag. On sale for $550 from $916.

This clutch-meets-wallet is perhaps one of the most versatile small bags around. Jerome Dreyfuss is Isabel Marant's husband... cute little tidbit of info... maybe explains why it works back to all her clothing so well! On sale for $474 from $790.

Forte.Forte does this really special grey colour so well, but apparently so does another adorable Italian company: Pantofola D'Oro - they started out making handmade wrestling shoes over a hundred years ago, and we love where they've gone with it: handmade antiqued ballet flats!! A perfect colour for year-round.... with rolled up Forte.Forte pants in black, ivory, nude or the exact same shade as the shoe. Maybe throw on a blazer and a Faliero Sarti - a perfect look for bumming around any fashionable city in the world. Size 8 and smaller still available. On sale for $262 from $374.

Love the cap toe and canvas thing! Pulled-together meets thrown-together... so cute and casual and perfect for summer. Still available in sizes On sale for $215 from $308.

Such an incredible summer flat - the nude shade is pretty darn incredible, and we love them back to anything Forte.Forte, as well as summer classics like cutoffs and a white tank. They are running super super small to size... so if you have feet so small you can't find adult shoes to fit you (no seriously, this is an actual problem for lots of women), up to about a size 7.5, you should for sure get these. On sale for $262 from $374.

These Carven flat gladiator sandals are very avant-garde... and soooo bad-ass!!! I love them with shorts... we have a 37, 39 and 40 left in stock. On sale for $340 from $567.

These black suede Carven booties are so pretty and very versatile... and an excellent acquisition if you wear a 38 or a 39. On sale for $370 from $617.

I am wearing these amazing Joseph sandals right now... and I am totally in love with them!!! They are so elegant! Simple, yet interesting! And comfortable! We have a size 37 and a 40 left. On sale for $277 from $462.

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