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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Isabel Marant - 4th Fall Delivery

We thought this would be the last one - and it almost is - but god, is it ever sweet!! All those amazing tops and sweaters from Mainline that our clients NEED for living in this Fall!! And those leopard print pants from Etoile!!! CRAZY STUPID LOVE!!

It has birds on it (I should take it with me to Portland, they will love it). Maybe Portland love spread all the way to Paris and then back to Vancouver, because obviously both Isabel and the Misch ladies are loving this print, this version is sure to go quickly - probably one of her most popular blouse cuts of the season!

Texture dressing is what it's all about come Fall - and with all the sweaters one wears to keep warm, it's hard not to have SO much fun with it! We love this Merino wool number - definitely perfect for keeping warm in chilly temperatures!

What do you even say about this? It's so amazing I want to eat it - or buy them all - I guess that's what makes more sense.

This fabric is absolutely stunning, trying to decide which cut and which colour from this grouping to get was really hard, but I have to say, now that this top is here, I am really happy that this was what we ordered - it is positively stunning. It's hard to see, but it comes with a really long tie belt that we have tied in the back, but there are probably quite a few variations that will look fabulous - maybe even back to the leather skirt? We should try that tomorrow.

This sweater will NOT last more than a day or two - I am sure of it. It is even softer than I remember, and even though it is, in theory, a basic, it is anything but!

Many a healthy wardrobe has been built on dress-up-dress-down numbers such as the little beauty pictured above. Tell me - where couldn't this go?

Oversize merino wool chunky cardigan? *drool* *drool* *drool*

I think we can all agree - the vintage-ness of shearling gloves reminds us of being kids, in that cozy fireplace, snowball fighting kind of way. I would be into having them for that reason alone. Luckily I love gloves and can't find cool ones in this city that easily.

When will she stop with the whole everything-I-make-is-awesome thing? Seriously, how many amazing tops are in this delivery?

SILK LEOPARD PRINT PANTS. You didn't even know that you couldn't live without them till now.

If you have listened to Misch ladies chat about colour palette lately, you know what a massive obsession we have with terracotta - it's warm but neutral!! It goes with everything, and it is completely seasonless. LOVE it.

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