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Monday, October 24, 2011

(the very) Last But NOT Least - ISABEL MARANT Fall 2011

Never say never, because just when you think it's the very last delivery from a certain French designer - SURPRISE!! - one more comes! Thank god, it has the best stuff in it; I was so upset when I thought these hand picked goodies might not come!

This black and blue boucle jacket has wardrobe-staple and closet-favourite written all over it.

I love the leather detail at the back of the collar!

These beaded belts are actually nice enough to be jewellery...

"But honey, it's a belt!! It's not just decorative, it's functional!! I NEEDED it to hold my pants up!!"

Now what's he going to say to that?

If you are one of the few people that manages to own this amazing item, I would just like to congratulate you in advance for having suberb taste.

Isabel had done a similar sweater for Spring 2011, and we absolutely LOVED it, and thought the winter version (wool/alpaca and reallllly soft) is just as necessary.

And here is the belt to tempt you again, but in the other colour and pattern choice.

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