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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Isabel Marant - 1st Spring Delivery!!!

Isabel Marant deliveries, every single one, is met with so much anticipation that large events (like Christmas or a birthday) can be very easily overshadowed... luckily we can roll this delivery into Holiday season so we have something to get really excited about! 

This gorgeous oversize printed silk blouse from the Isabel Marant mainline pre-collection has been in our minds ever since we wrote the order! I love the combination of different colours in the print - a beautiful design detail. It's harder to see the shorts unfortunately... they are rather great. A paperbag waist, pleated and a bit slouchy. Plus, we don't get a lot of complaints about shorts that are a bit longer - always a nice offering and something that is can definitely be harder to find in the spring/summer. 

The mesh sweater - one of the 'key looks' we saw from the spring/summer collections - and Isabel's versions were top notch. This long sleeve black number (the ACHILLE) features a baseball shirt seam detail around the arms. We styled it with the SAM scarf, also from this delivery - and a very popular item from Ms. Marant! Every friend or client who has ever bought one has always raved about how much they love it... and we get thousands of calls from girls all over the world trying to get their hands on another one! This delivery we got it in this black, ivory, and emerald green. 

The emerald green... yes, we love this colour. It's amazing!! Isabel obviously did too because we saw lots of great pieces in it in the Etoile collection. This shirtdress (the IBAN) has a really interesting cut... you can't see in the photo but the belt is inside the dress on the back half, and the dress is gathered into the seam that contains the belt. The front half, it's separate from the dress, and it can be gathered quite a number of different ways as a result. You'll have to play with it in person to get an idea... 

ps. how amazing is the silver Aurelie Bidermann cuff with this? OMG I love that cuff. 

More mesh knits!! In this lovely ecru colour this time, with a wider and shorter sleeve. Hello emerald scarf?!!? KK - you know who you are - are you reading? - you need this scarf. 

Despite the fact that this looks like a dress - IT ISN'T!! Photos never do these clothes justice. It's the bane of my existence. This is a skirt (the BENJA) and top (the BUNY), in a cotton gauze material that is hard to describe, but it's light, and lovely. Perfect for warmer weather (just in case you are smart and are jutting off to a place where the sun shines all the time, or waiting for July in Vancouver). You can't see the lovely embroidery all over the front of the top either! I guess you will just have to come down to the store you darling thing. 

This is the same print as the top in the first photo - also has been in our memories for many months - also is AMAZING. Very full cut, very swingy, very gorgeous and sexy. We paired it back to the paperbag waist pant (same idea as the shorts). Her pre-collection is all very soft and loose and lovely, as you can tell. 

The Dicker boot. Nothing much need be said of these lovely shoes. Everyone wants them. They go with everything. They are easy and comfortable and cool. One tends to not meet a lot of shoes that are all three of those things in one lifetime. One tends to not meet a lot of anything like that in a lifetime come think of it... but I guess when you find it you marry it or buy it, right away. And that's what people do with this boot. I hope your size is available when you call us or that you can find it somewhere, somehow, by the grace of God. 

Yes, our model has a killer figure. Nice dress as well actually. Our jaws all dropped a bit when she came out of the fitting room. Very comfy, it's a sort of t-shirt material, in that heathered grey that makes it look like sweat-shirt material. 

The owner swears that she will garden all summer in these amazing pants. You know why? Because she is fabulous. Because life is short, and one should dress in lovely things no matter what one is doing. This is the dream anyway. I sometimes fantasize about running errands in floor length gowns. But since we are talking about the pants right now - they are very light, light cotton - there is a lot of things that could be done in these pants - anything involving hot weather I would imagine... suggestions anyone?

You might not know it from the photo, but this is my favourite top from this delivery. Its fluidity, the rounded hemlines, the ease of a top with sleeves... this is one of those things that I see in people's closets and they tell me that they had no idea when they bought it just how much they would end up wearing it... 

A beautiful jacket, of course, as they all are. This one is a navy blue pinstripe, a wool and cotton blend, called the NIXON jacket, and is just easy, easy, easy! I think this is the thing about Isabel Marant that has made her such a cult designer - the ease of it all. It's true though!! It's always my Isabel pieces that I wear over and over. 

Ah, the dress, the FIMO dress. It's the same material and steel-grey colour from the top 2 photos up. And I love the dress as much as the top. It's the million dollar question: top or dress? Dress or top? Both?!?! Argh. 

This dress needs to go to Morocco. Someone needs to take it there. Every time I see it I sorely regret it arrived after the lovely Ms. H went there. Gorgeous and light and versatile! I can see it on top of linen pants around Marrakesh when it's nice to be a bit more covered. Or on top of your bathing suit to and from the pool. Or all by itself like it is here. Ms. Marant must have been thinking about travelling to hot places when she designed this lovely cotton piece in such a gorgeous print. 

This jacket (the PACO jacket) I thought required two photos to display it in all it's wonder. It's a wool linen blend speckled tweed sort of fabric, and has a snap and a fasten around the neck, which is how one keeps it closed (also looks fabulous with a belt). HOWEVER, look how gorgeous it looks all drapey and loose! A statement either way I think. 

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