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Friday, February 10, 2012

Helmut Lang - Just the Right Amount of Bad

The leather vest has got me all inspired to go be a little more bad ass in the world... it's amazing how an article of clothing can change your whole life. The racerback cut in the back looks amazing layered on top of this draped jersey top - the racerbacks mimick eachother perfectly! 

The leather leggings in this shipment are really different than anything else we've seen. We really wanted you to see a good close up of the embossing - reminds me of lizard! Such gorgeous texture... really subtle, and really gorgeous! 

We always love the mesh knit tops from Helmut... he has done similar things in the past - and we think this execution is one of the best ever. The black and white makes it really easy to pair back to anything - plus it looks really damn good! 

We just had to show you the detail on the black leggings too... so amazing!

We've been looking for the perfect collarless black leather jacket... and here it is! Helmut Lang, seriously, I love you man. 

This is a really interesting combo materials dress, a nice mix between everyday wear and a bit dressy - could go either way. 

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