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Friday, March 2, 2012

Faliero Sarti!! The Last Spring Delivery!!!

Faliero Sarti's scarves are an institution - loved (no, adored) by scarf connoisseurs the world over.

It is an attitude made famous by the French that one ought to only have a very few things, but very fine things. This applied to nowhere better than perhaps to these scarves.

From what we understand, the company had been in the fabric manufacturing business in Italy for generations, and it was the granddaughter of the founder who wanted to start the L'Accessorio division... and thus begun the world's greatest scarves! Most of them are made in Italy, and a few of the fabulous printed cotton ones are made in India.

In the spring/summer collections we primarily see them broken down into three categories: the silk/cashmere blends (or the butter blend as we affectionately call it), the modal blends, and the cottons. Each has their own following of course, but of course there are many who dabble in all categories. Here below are the gems from our latest shipment.

This gorgeous dusty blue number above is the DIANORA, a member of the Butter blend family. It is a rectangle shape (rectangle vs. square - one could do a masters dissertation on the differences and ways to wear). It is a shape and fabric that we see every season, but the real passion is in the colours - they are different each collection. The trick is to NEVER fall in love with a particular colour and then walk away - because it will haunt you for life (trust me).

Above is the FIORINA, a gorgeous printed cotton scarf (made in Italy). We loved this one so much we bought it in three colours - black and white, periwinkle and blue, and above, the green and the brown! These lightweight cotton printed scarves are very much a spring/summer specialty, and are very popular for their lightweight and fun nature! A real standout on a simple white tee or linen blazer.

Above (and also the three below) is the GHEILA, an exact style we hadn't seen before! We had seen the incredible weave before in the Butter blend, but never before in the modal blend. Extremely lightweight, we are unlikely to see it again in the fall/winter collections. The weave is slightly looser... beautiful, beautiful texutre. The modal blends are extremely popular. They are often a bit smaller than the Butter blend, but also cost significantly less - with no sacrifice whatsoever. They are gorgeous, but I guess that's why we love Faliero - they are all stunning.

Above is the incredibly versatile taupe colour. Below is a vibrant shade of coral/red (is there a better name for this shade? I have been searching my feeble little mind for it...), below that is an electric shade of violet, below that is the sage green, and there is also a black (not pictured).

The embroidered scarves, such as the lovely silk/cotton blend ROSELINE, above, provide a gorgeous touch of texture to the drape. Faliero Sarti manufactures the absolute best scarf in this style, and those who love it search the ends of the earth to find them. We think this earthy tone is elegant and and cool - the perfect marriage!

This lovely scarf above is an extremely popular style called the GHIRINO (a modal blend). It features a lovely little textured polka dot, which proves completely irresistible. Above is the dark grey. The other colours were in an earlier shipment and sold out stat, of course!

Above is a rather exquisite member of the Butter blend family, the ENRIETTA. A square-shaped style, so the fringe goes all the way around the exterior of the scarf. We tried our hardest to photograph the intricacies of this style, but the photos never do these scarves justice. We believe it to be a hand dyed scarf. For one, the dye varigates throughout the scarf  (giving the colour more depth). Also, one side of the scarf is lighter in colour, and the other more intense... it creates a very lovely effect. A very luxurious and beautiful piece... the Rolls Royce, so to speak. 

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