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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Isabel Marant: 3rd Spring 2015 Shipment!

 - the ROSA maxi dress - 
 - the KEIRAN linen tee with the AGNES shorts in grey and the GAIL sandals - 
 - the ALVA top w the ALMA skirt -- the ARTHUR tank (above in navy/blk and below in white/black) and the RAWSON high heel suede boot -  
- the embroidered silk ALLEN top -  - the striped gathered silk DAO top w the PALOMA pump - 
 - the linen KARL tshirt dress w the GAIL sandal -  - the white linen KIRA tee with the AGNES shirt in white and the GAIL sandals -  - the MADDOX linen tee and the RAWSON suede high heel boot -  - the WEEZ floral printed cotton dresss -  - the RAWSON boot -  - the PALOMA pump -  - the RALF boot - above in black and below in camel 

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