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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We love Protagonist for it's elegant simplicity: clean lines, neutral palette and modern, sexy feel. They really are "New York" to us, from their manufacturing in New York ethos, to the fact that this is what chic means to us when we are there. And here in Vancouver! For those that like travel wardrobes composed of versatile and beautiful things, here you have it. For those that like staple pieces to keep for a decade, here you have it. For those that value simplicity in their dress, here you have it. This line is definitely one to keep your eyes on. 

When in New York, a visit to the shop of designer Kate Wendelborn's twin sister, Morgan Wendelborn (together with her business partner Vanessa Traina) is a must. Called simply THE APARTMENT, in Soho, everything is for sale: from the furnishings to the decorations to the clothes to the toiletries. It's stunning. You can visit by appointment during the week but they allow drop-ins on the weekends. 

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