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Monday, January 4, 2016

Faliero Sarti Pre-Spring 2016 Shipment!

Above: the modal/cashmere printed KIMONO scarf is a stunning patchwork of different prints! All these bright colours definitely have me dreaming of sunshine and fun clothes!

Above: The KIMONO on the left, and the COMPOSTINA on the right... these scarves would be what I would call 'cousins'...
The COMPOSTINA scarf is another modal/cashmere blend patchwork... but this time in liberty print florals!
Above: the TROTTOLA scarf above is a modal/cashmere blend, and features an absolutely incredible psychedelic print in a green and black combination. 

Above: the AZZURRA scarf is a modal/cashmere blend favourite! From left to right; French Blue, Sunset Red, and Grey. 
Above: the ALADINO scarf is a modal/cotton/cashmere - it has really beautiful texture in real life. From left to right: dusty rose, grey, and cotton candy pink. 
Above: The MINIMAL scarf - it's a VERY RARE silk/cashmere print! A sort of abstract leopard print meets an ink blot test - done beautifully in these gorgeous shades of grey!Above: the classic silk/cashmere square shaped scarf! From left to right: Vanilla, Warm Nude/Beige, Ballet Pink, and Pale Sunshine Yellow. 

Above: the silk/cashmere square shaped scarf in salmon pink and raspberry red. Also available in black but not pictured! 

Above: the rectangle shaped silk/cashmere blend scarf: left in dusty rose and right in seafoam. 

Above: cotton/silk blend floral printed scarf - flowers shaped into butterflies and birds. A really beautiful 
Above: the EMKI: a cotton/silk blend liberty printed floral scarf
Above and below: the PICCOLO PRINCIPE scarf - a gorgeous print of the timeless kids storey The Little Prince! A modal/cotton/silk blend. 

Above: A taupe mini ginham print scarf, the PETALINO, in a modal/cashmere blend. 

Above: PLACIDO 100% modal herringbone printed grey scarf. 

Above: TOBIA modal silk blend gauze cloudy grey scarf. 

Above: the SKY: a very unique New York skyline printed gauzey wool blend scarf. 

Above: the GILDA: a mottled navy and green cashmere/silk/wool blend scarf

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