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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Faliero Sarti Spring 2017

Misch girls have always been obsessed with a really beautiful scarf - one part sensory experience, one part comfort blanket - add in a little keeping warm for good measure. I think the best thing about a scarf is that it feels like such a nice way to treat yourself.
Below: the MAGIC WORLD scarf. A modal silk blend. Perhaps the most beautiful map of the antiquities I have ever seen - and trimmed in a beautiful floral and renaissance statue design. It's so beautiful I want to frame it! But I've never been one to spend on something if I can't wear it... therefore I would not frame it. 

All the little scenes are so breathtakingly special! 

Below: The floral printed FIORITA modal silk blend scarf. A gorgeous print reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms, except that they are not that. I mean, I guess I shouldn't take so many liberties trying to figure out what they meant by it. Any botanists in the crowd? I have no idea what this flower is. 
Below: the silk cashmere solids! A favourite fabric because it's softer than butter on a baby's bum. Don't tell anyone I said it like that. 
The classic heathered light grey in the rectangular shape. 

Cotton candy pink in the rectangular shape. 

The Tufts Blue (have you ever looked through those guides to all the shades of blue? It's crazy!) in the rectangular shape. 

Above and below: this is the same colour!! The dusty rose in the square shape. Since the colour was hard to get I thought I would offer two ways to be confused as to what the colour really is!! Brilliant as I am, I forgot to bring the black and the pale grey to the studio to take pictures of. It's darker than the pale grey above (because they're never the same). You can imagine black hopefully. I definitely don't get it "all right" "all the time", so to speak.  ;)

Below: the modal blends in the solid colours. 
This jade green number here is the AZZURRA - one of our most popular scarves - the modal with 10% cashmere. Not pictured *ahem* is the medium grey. Sorry about that.  

The exposure is definitely not so good in this shot. It's a gorgeous pale yellow modal silk blend (lighter than a Kleenex). But if I didn't make the shot dark the scarf was invisible and we can't have that, can we?

This beautiful dark grey modal silk blend is a basic that is anything but boring!Below: the cottons!

This is such a pretty shade of not-quite-white!! The swiss dot around the outside is really special and reminds me of being a kid for some reason. The kind of kid that doesn't destroy his or her nice clothes mind you.    This a very cute smaller scale scarf with a lovely mix of different menswear-inspired prints! Very nice with just a white tee and jeans - great if you like to keep the sun off your d├ęcolletage or if it perhaps isn't warm yet because it's Vancouver and not more than 25 degrees until August (not complaining, just saying we all have to make informed fashion choices based on fact). 

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