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Friday, September 29, 2017

Casual - But Beautiful! New Outfit Ideas!

We love the idea of taking an all-light colour palette and putting one pop of colour with it! This gorgeous light grey coat from ENFOLD, an ivory cashmere Nili Lotan sweater, and a pair of white cropped jean from R13 (the Kate Cropped in White Orion) with white Common Projects sneakers sets off this bordeaux coloured bag from PB0110 so nicely! It feels (and looks) really luxurious, but when it comes down to it - it's easy to wear (and comfortable too). 

Or you can go a totally different route - by taking the same jeans, sweater and sneakers and doing a coloured coat like this beautiful puffer from Isabel Marant! It features her signature full sleeve silhouette, but done in a laid back, casual way that is easy to grab on your way out the door.  One of the best things about Fall is the rich colour palette - and this boiled cashmere/wool blend scarf from Faliero Sarti in the terracotta pink is out of this world with the forest green I think!!  

Rebel without a cause vibes for the weekend! The Common Projects high tops are a wardrobe staple - I love them with cropped jeans (R13 Kate Skinny in black orion shown here) and a leather jacket from Isabel Marant. Pop Nili Lotan's cashmere hoodie underneath to make some cozy vibes! The bordeaux scarf from the latest Faliero Sarti shipment adds just the right something to it if the day is a bit on the cooler side.  

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