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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pringle 1815

It's like a finding a really amazing man that's ACTUALLY single, or discovering some adorable town that is totally off the beaten track... except even better. I KNOW! I KNOW!! WE GOT IN A NEW LINE!!!

The verdict: FABULOUS!!! We even changed the windows in honour of how much we love it.

As a general note, there were lots of really great knits, especially chunkier ones. There's really too much to describe (aka. lots for you to discover) but here's a few highlights anyway.

Alice's top three: a waist length scrunched nylon black jacket with nubbly knit trim(coming out the jackets elbow length sleeve and the huge oversize collar), two tone sleeveless (beige on the top half, stiff fuchsia pink cotton/nylon for the skirt), and finally the black merino wool knit bubble skirt (hits just above the knee).

Julia's top three: the knee length funnel neck black coat with a kind of tulip shape (ok, maybe not the best description, but its awesome!), the cream coloured chunky cable knit alpaca cardigan with an exposed industrial zip up the front, and the taupe coloured turtleneck... which is actually the most amazing turtleneck on the planet. It has fitted sleeves but is a square shaped body when you lie it flat. On the body it is long, super drapey, avant-garde and sexy. That's a lot for one sweater, but we're not making it up.