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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If you're at that point where you are thinking you've already blown your fall wardrobe budget and you should really stop shopping, you should really not draw that line BEFORE you see this Vanessa Bruno delivery (I mean you've already blown it, what difference does it make where you stop?)!

Ha ha, kidding... (a little)

Anyway, the first half of this delivery arrived on Monday evening. That delivery included some celebrities in their own right: a sleeveless satin top in the most mouthwatering shade of peach with a quasi-cap-sleeve created from folded layers of the fabric and a cowl BACK (oooooooh, fabulous, right?). Its SUCH a gorgeous colour, particularly if you have a bit of that summer tan hanging around. I think the high waisted wide leg grey wool pants are extremely elegant (Lara agrees I think, but she looked so good in them she's not allowed to disagree). Kristin is dying for the grey wool jacket (same fabric as the pants). It has this very elongating fold/ruffle (hard to describe) down the front, the jacket mid-thigh length. Actually, Lara looked pretty unbelievable in the jacket too. So did Julia. IT'S THAT GOOD.

I'm going to ramble because I just feel like it...

There were two skirts... One cute black one, the kind you could wear to work (if you worked somewhere cool and/or have fabulous legs) and a little chiffon mini (it's in the window right now with the next top I'm about to describe with the Gary Graham beaded belt. I am really in love with this mannequin, can you tell?). Ahem. The top: rust orange, long sleeve, sheer cotton body, wool jersey shoulder. Mm, mm. So nice!

A few other unmentioned pieces: the long sleeve black two layered dress with drop waist, and the taupe coloured satin/ chiffon combo top. And this is all only the first half of this delivery!

The second half came in just a few hours ago... my heart is in my throat right now I'm so excited!! Like, giddy excited... being a shopaholic is some rush. Well, you know.

There are three different knits in this AMAZING weight of wool cashmere blend (and soooooooooo soft) that all feature this folding detail that is completely beyond my ability to describe it. Two pullovers (one dark forest green and one baby pink) and a cardigan in black that nobody is allowed to buy in my size. In a light, gauzy cotton fabric there is a short sleeve little top in cream and a racerback dress in the baby pink (a very nice shade of this colour I might add). There are two cable knit short sleeve tunic length sweaters, two great black mini cord jackets, one blazer style and one kinda baggy with a hood. An orange wool/acrylic/alpaca turtleneck! A olive green linen blend tee with satin bands draping from the sleeve around the neck... I adore linen knits, they are so luxurious.

And, my god, do people die for Vanessa's bags... we received only one style, and it is soooooooooo gorgeous. Olive green, super soft leather, two handles and a messenger strap, zipper closure, and neither too big nor too small. Aka pretty much the best bag on the planet. Yes, you're going to want it. I want it, Julia wants it. We're the only two people that have seen it. That's just how it is.