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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Mouthwatering sweaters... you'll be BEGGING us to take your money!

Some chunkier: two really sexy (one taupe, one beige) shorter styles in merino wool, one black longer merino wool number with a big safety pin closure which is so soft cozy and amazing. A really great toque and scarf with fringe in the same chunky merino wool, both are offered in black and olive green.

Some lighter: a delicious soft knit: ribbed 70% cotton 30% silk. It's so fine, so gorgeous! We have a turtleneck and a v-neck tank (with 1 cm wide shoulder straps).

Kristin Dunst did one sweater for them this season as a guest designer, and it is quite amazing (she calls it the Omi & Opi sweater because its coziness reminds her of her grandparents in Germany)! Its a black, crew neck, long sleeve, super long body, 70% alpaca 30% merino wool, medium weight chunky knit sweater (my favorite kind of peice: that sexy without looking like you are trying to be sexy look).

Finally, there are two charcoal grey alpaca/merino blend cardigans: one waist length cape style, one hip length boyfriend cardigan style.

One of Lutz & Patmos' claim to fame is thier eco-friendly approach to manufacturing (which really makes a girl feel like she's doing something good for the world when she's really just shopping). This excerpt is from thier line sheet:

"ECO CONCEPT: 100% environmentally friendly alpaca and wool from peru/ peru is well known for its natural breeding of alpaca and sheep/ animals are cared for in natural grassland free from polluting agents/ animals feed on native grasses/ sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones/ no chemical contaminants used in fibre production process/ modern combing industry leaves no toxic solvent residue/ azo free dye process leaves fibres free of potential carginogens/ yarn is knit where spun to save on fuel charges for shipping and supports the local economy/ corozo buttons are produced in nearby ecuador/ garments are handknit or handloomed by a group of local artisans"

I don't know about you, but that impresses me A LOT.