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Friday, November 13, 2009


The tank is actually Alexander Wang, but we think it looks hot with this skirt from the latest Hanii Y delivery: RESORT!!

I love the idea that somewhere in the world it is warm and sunny, and all you have to do is get on a plane and you can A: feel warm, and B: wear these pretty clothes.

Anyway, this skirt features classic Hanii Y styling: a cool foldover detail sewn right into the design. I think it's so interesting, and feminine!

I am obsessed with short jackets (among other things), so quite obviously, I am obsessed with this. It features a pretty open neckline, it is 100% cotton, and looks just as good open as it does shut!

A grey tank, black shorts: definitely both considered basics. However, when they fit like a million dollars, and are really interesting, they become the kind of basics that you don't mind wearing every single day. The shorts are a heavy linen blend (and are soooo flattering), and the draping, neckline, and little fold detail in the front make this jersey top anything but regular.

A cotton shirtdress with pockets. Can you say "live in it"?

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