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Monday, November 28, 2011

BOY by Band of Outsiders - RESORT!

I cannot even tell you how excited we have been for this amazing Varsity jacket to come in! Every bit as hot as we remembered. 

Who doesn't love a little stripe action from a Resort collection? Clearly we are all over it. This dress is a cool variation on the classic. 

We kinda figure that most of the time the photo just can't do a piece justice. This time we know it for sure. It's not just a pea coat!! This fabric is so soft and light it's almost more of a knit... but it's not a knit. It's a jacket. But it's not really a jacket. This 'thing' needs a category all to itself. A light, soft, jacket with movement that feels like air. With leather elbow patches. A car coat? with elbow patches? Anyone speak Italian? THEY WOULD HAVE A WORD FOR THIS!! 

Good shorts are so hard to find I think. We are always looking for good shorts when doing a buy that could even feasibly have shorts in it. These 100% linen ones, paired with the striped cotton shirt from the same delivery, are going to look good on pretty much everyone, we're sure of it. 

BOY by Band of Outsiders are rather well known for their blazer, this much we know. So this classic one button fit - WITH LEATHER LAPELS!! - we thought was pretty exciting. We styled it with this mini polka dot sleeveless swingy cotton top from the same delivery and Forte.Forte pants. 

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