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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Coat Report: 18 Coats You Could Be Wearing Today!

You may be sitting around lamenting that you didn't do your coat shopping back in July on your way home from the beach... but you thought that was crazy and now everywhere you go you feel like all the good coats are gone. And you might be partially right... I'm sure there are lots of places you go where you feel like you missed out. But you know that we only buy things we ABSOLUTELY LOVE right? We still have an amazing selection of coats that we think are just the bees knees... here is a rundown below:

This Band of Outsiders gem is pretty much so amazing it hurts. Hello? Grey day be gone!!! LOOK AT THIS RED PLAID and be happy. $1885 and still available in size 0 and 1 (a slightly oversize size XS and S). 
This JOSEPH navy pea coat from heaven is such a useful little guy - super warm and the selection of navy this season has been pretty amazing - especially if you love navy as much as we do. Styled back to black - I think it makes both colours look richer. $1184 and still available in sizes 36, 38 and 40 (it's French sizing so like a size 2, size 4 and size 6). This totally timeless classic black wool coat from Carven is tailored to perfection. $990 and still available in sizes 36, 40 and 42 (it's French sizing so like a size 2, size 6 and size 8). 
This navy Carven cape is a dream for layering - you can fit whatever huge sweater you want underneath it without any worries about bulk. Plus you can wear a huge hat with it and then everyone will think you're here from somewhere super fabulous making a film. In case anyone is wondering, this is a not-so-secret daily goal of mine. lol Feel free to make fun of me and then join in. $1330 and still available in sizes 36, 38 and 40. It's French sizing but let's be honest, size doesn't matter a hoot when it comes to capes anyway. 
Isabel Marant could make pretty much anything in this tweed fabric and it would be a wardrobe necessity. All the texture is so awesome, plus you can have it for a decade and it would work with all your other Isabel stuff. God bless her. $650 and still available in sizes 36 and 40 (French sizes but it's oversize so maybe like a 4 and an 8?). Have you tried a double face coat before? Are you ruined for life? Mmmhmm, yes, I know. It's crazy right? So light! So soft. Yeah, I know. This black one from Isabel Marant will bring tears to your eyes, especially if you're tall and you like the longer length and the bracelet length sleeve thing she does. $2375 and still available in sizes 34, 36 and 38. It's French sizing but it's so oversize it barely matters what size you take. There is a freedom in this irrelevance, n'est ce pas?
Oh Band of Outsiders, how do you manage to be so good at plaid? We love it worn polished like on our model, or with skinny jeans and Common Projects... obviously! $1645 last one size 3 (like a medium).
Tailored grey layers may be the Misch signature. Lara would probably say black, but as buyers I have to say, we are really, really into greys. Maybe it's a reflection of the colour of the sky, but neutrals always feel appropriate. I love how you can see details of the design in tailored items in lighter colours such as this. This Barbara Bui wool blazer coat and vest were meant to be worn together, as well as separately. Anyway, I love this combo for keeping warm and looking so BOSS. Blazer: $1830 and still available in sizes 38 and 40 (like a size 4/6 and 6/8) and Vest: $ $1530 and still available in sizes 38, 40 and 42 (so like size 4, 6 and 8 - ish). 
So you rememember when we were talking about navy and black and HOW MUCH WE ARE OBSESSED WITH IT??! Hahaha probably I can't stop talking about it. You can see why this FORTE.FORTE coat is my vision of what I want to cuddle with. $1080 and the last one is a size 2 (or about a medium). 
So back to navy and black... LOVE! this collarless one from Isabel Marant. Collarless coats are the best for wearing with your big amazing favourite scarf. $672 and still available in sizes 34, 36 and 40. It's a big fit! The sizes are like a size 4, 6 and 10 even though the sizing is French. 
Not gonna lie, I want this coat even though I can't even say "I need it" with a straight face. It fits like a million dollars!! I love the zip front closure. JOSEPH makes one hell of a good coat - all three of the ones in my closet have worn like a dream. The plaid inset detail makes it just that perfect little bit different too. $1516 and still available in size 36, 38 and 42 (like a size 2/4, size 4/6 and 10). 
This whole light colour palette thing makes you look an angel from heaven, or like the hot former flame of the protagonist of a movie where he just can't get over you (no really - that character always wears light colours). Regardless, this coat shows off what a smoking hot babe you are. Every girl needs one in their closet. This EachxOther one is chic as it gets. $2160 and still available in size S, M and L. 
This gorgeous brown and black bridle printed pea coat from Carven has the most beautiful toggle detail closure... it's really easy to wear, but also not the kind of coat that you will ever see again done exactly the same way. We love subtle texture details in coats, we find that it's always the simple things done with a bit of a twist that become our favourite irreplaceable wardrobe staples.  $1381 and still available in sizes 36, 38, 40 and 42 (so like a size 2, 4, 6 and 8). 
If everyone always bought their coats fitted, then the oversize sweater trend would have to be over immediately. And we can't have that, because oversize sweaters are the best thing to happen to cozy since fireplaces and Baileys. This amazing grey tweed number from Vlas Blomme (HAS A HOOD) but will fit all your dreamy sweaters underneath. Now you can leave the house! Thank god. Don't hide that pretty face from the public. $1164 and it's one size only - phew - one less decision. 
Once upon a time you could find navy whenever you wanted, and that time is now. This gorgeous navy tweed coat from Vanessa Bruno is perfect if you only have basic black coats and wanted something super versatile, but a little bit different. $910 and still available in sizes 38, 40 and 42 (sizes 4, 6 and 8). 
This Helmut Lang parka with a removable lining and hood is pretty much THE functional coat you need. Great for the rain, and nice and warm. It's a bit sportier, so will take you everywhere you need to go during the daytime, from errands to yoga to the park - except you will be the really chic one there. $820 and still available in size S, M and L. 
R13 black parka of fierce downtown NYC fabulousness. Fur lined hood. Let's honest, this thing is amazing. $2950 and still available in size XS and M. 
NLST parka - very, very similar to the R13 one above... but with faux fur! And in the most gorgeous blue colour! $1315 and still available in XS and S.  

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