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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Current Scarf Assortment!!

'Tis the Season!! It's damned cold out (beautiful as it is) and you may be feeling ansty for something warm, beautiful, soft and NEW around your neck. Or you might be trying that get that Xmas list done so you can spend December eating, drinking and being Merry... AND THAT'S IT!! Haha whatever your fancy, find the scarf breakdown below. 

Isabel Marant oversize cashmere/ wool blend scarf $795. A great, big, fabulous statement accessory!
Faliero Sarti super soft plaid scarf! Can't get enough plaid this season, seriously. 36% virgin wool, 32% cashmere, 29% silk, and 3% rayon! $600. 
Faliero Sarti printed (it says Good Luck on it in multiple languages!)  modal wool scarf. $460.
Faliero Sarti wool modal printed scarf (of how all the Saints got thier sainthood!! Cute!) $450Faliero Sarti printed wool silk printed scarf $400
Faliero Sarti wool silk printed scarf $400
Faliero Sarti silk cashmere printed scarf (a love letter from a mother to her child *melt*) $700
Faliero Sarti printed modal/cashmere scarf $360
Faliero Sarti grey wool/rayon/polyester/silk blend scarf w black stitching detail around the perimeter. $455 Faliero Sarti 100% cashmere felted scarf of luxurious heaven! $990
INHABIT double layered grey cotton/wool blend scarf $412Richiami wool cashmere blend plaid scarf $288 - in taupe and forest green!
Richiami blue modal silk printed scarf $345Richiami printed cashmere silk scarf $575

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