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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ARTIGIANI MILANESE - the Locally Made Cashmere You Need to Know About!

There are so many things to love about Artigiani Milanese... what they make, what they're all about, and everything that they are.

First off, they are on Bowen - my favourite place around! I took this photo on the ferry my way over in the summertime when we met to work on the orders. The West Coast is truly a formidable and beautiful landscape!The company relocated to Bowen two years ago from Milan, and aren't we lucky? They brought the machinery, the know-how and they import the yarns from Italy every few weeks. BUT it's so lovely not to have to import the finished product! Beautiful cashmere made in Italy is an investment, to be sure, but it helps a bit that there is a little bit of Italy so close to home. Above: David, (the son of Rosetta, below), is setting up one of the machines, and she is assembling the different components of the knit into the final product. 

This is the view as you walk out of their studio! As you can see, the day cleared up quite nicely after lunchtime.  
They are located in a lovely artist enclave up the road from the main road of town. I saw this lovely note written on a board in front of one of the other shops, and it made me think about how brave they were as a family, to relocate to a new country, with their entire manufacturing operation!! How many beautiful things have come about as a result of a bold move of the heart? 

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