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Monday, September 12, 2016

FALIERO SARTI - the Final Fall 2016 Shipment

The PEDRO (above) is such a winter favourite around here! Buttery soft cashmere/silk but with a boiled effect that makes the scarf very dense and cozy. When it cools off, it's a nice one to have around to wrap around your precious little neck! 
This stunning champagne coloured scarf is a modal/cashmere/silk blend - also available in charcoal grey, which is also lovely but you can't argue with champagne.   
You would never know this was 100% wool if you felt it, it feels like silk. The ombre is pretty gorgeous - simple yet not, y'know?
This wool silk blend scarf looks like an impressionist painting! That's why we love Faliero though, it really is art you're wearing.  

This is also a piece of art. A wool/silk floral print with an infinite array of colours to play with!
A wool silk blend with a beautifully delicate retro vibe. Neutral-forward colour palette with some gorgeous hint of red. 

A vibrant geometric printed modal wool blend scarf. It features a really unique solid second layer on the flip side. The yellow embroidered trim holds them together - beautiful on! 

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