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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CARVEN - the Delivery to End All Deliveries! (aka 2nd Fall Shipment)

I'm not sure how many times in my life I'm going to say with a straight face: "THIS is the jacket of the season - and you need it!" so I'm pretty sure that buys me some credibility. I actually do feel like this is THE jacket, and not only because it incorporates so many of the important trends of the season (peplums, english countryside manor dressing, and a sort of severe gothic shoulder/neckline combo), but because it is FIERCE, AMAZING, and totally wearable. I am obsessed with the navy sleeves to contrast the black body. 

Full skirts are a Carven signature, and if they ever stop doing it I'll quit fashion. They call this the 'Ottoman Stripe', presumably because the Ottoman Empire is a great reference to invoke when all the Baroque, Medieval themes are so hot. Whatever. The skirt is totally fabulous - I love the colour combo. 

Remember our discussion about the full skirt... yes. Here it is in a navy blue wool felt - just in case you want it to go with EVERYTHING. We tucked the combo stained-glass printed top with the adorable Peter-Pan collar into it. 
This dress - same fabric as the skirt above - has the most unusual feature!! Look at this peek-a-boo back detail!!! LOVE!! I love when you can find something that is simple enough to be TIMELESS... but has some amazing little detail that makes you never want to replace it. 

RED DRESS!!  It's kind of a thing.  Everyone needs at least one totally amazing one. This one? TOTALLY AMAZING!! So cute!! A thick jersey and a flattering a-line silhouette. Perfect! 

Maybe you've been sitting around wondering where you are going to find something fabulous to wear on top of your leather leggings that is a bit unusual... lucky for us, Gillaume Henry was kind enough to make an AMAZING collection full of AMAZING litle gems like this cotton poplin tunic/blouse/dress/lifesaver/maker-of-fabulous-outfit. 

Look at this hemline. *I DIE*
The main problem with the skirt is that it will sell out and then everyone will be upset with me. Besides the fact that lace is so hot right now, this skirt is the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on. Photograph doesn't do it justice, but I am having the most intense fantasies about someone styling it with a chunky bootie and an oversize sweater for a rougher interpretation of something so feminine... just as much as I am for something more classically feminine like the way we've styled it here. 

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