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Friday, September 28, 2012


SARTORE - we think they should be the most famous boot company in the world - but it is perhaps a blessing that they remain so exclusive. The SARTORE sisters are based in Paris, where they soak up the all the style and inspiration the best city in the world has to offer. They have footwear in their blood (I believe they are fourth generation?) and it is perhaps why no other company can produce the design and quality they can with the simplicity, humility and passion they can - and do - every season. Everything is manufactured by hand in Italy (each pair of boots takes 5 days), from vegetable-tanned leather - and it shows! They are beautiful, but more importantly, they are the most comfortable footwear we've ever had the privilege of owning.  Chances are you've seen these boots at Misch before: they our favourite classic riding boot (and wardrobe staple). But we've never before carried them in this colour of dark chocolate brown! It's hard to do justice to the amazing shade by photograph - we actually had to shoot it three times to even come close! Suffice it to say it's STUNNING. The zip-up back enables a closer fit through the ankle, and is a slim fit through the calf. 
This is a new style here at Misch - and it's all about a different functionality than the first style: this one has a larger circumference around the calf by one inch. We've often wondered why foot size was the only thing that a boot took into account - legs vary from woman to woman! A slightly different closure detail around the calf makes it not only more generous, but beautifully designed also.

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