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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Transitional Weather Inspiration - White and Beige!

Love the idea of maintaining a light colour palette while the weather is still sunny but turning chillier... especially as the mornings are so crisp - layering, layering, layering!

Loving the way the white and the ivory contrast ever so gently!

10 Crosby merino wool ivory ribbed sweater, Nili Lotan cotton trousers, Isabel Marant suede Dicker boots and Faliero Sarti modal/silk blend scarf. 

I love the psuedo-sailor-ness of this sweater and I feel like you can really appreciate the beige when it is back to something as stark as white.

Maison Olga chunky wool cardigan in beige with Nili Lotan cotton trousers, Inhabit cotton tank and Isabel Marant suede Dicker boots.

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